Daily Archives: May 20, 2011

Very Practical Approach to the End of the World (Tomorrow)

Smith is the son of an Anchorage Police Department officer and chaplain. He has a rosary tattooed on his forearm. He was raised for a while in a charismatic Christian church. Now he goes to ChangePoint. Spending eight hours a day in the rapturemobile has given him some time to contemplate end times. Christ will come to Earth eventually, he believes, but probably not in his or his children’s lifetimes.

“If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t,” he said. “I believe in things that pan out. I don’t believe it’s gonna happen on the 21st. Heck, I get paid on the 20th.”

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Sometimes GOP elected officials surprise me

I’ll be honest. The nomination of Goodwin Liu flew under my radar. Maybe it is the drugs. Maybe it is the alcohol. Maybe it is the chasing women. But I did not even know the communist bastard was up for a vote.  Usually, I just expect the GOP to cave and act like little pussies. But what a pleasant surprise that they gave those AIDS infested Democrats a little taste of their own medicine.  God, it almost made me proud of the GOP. It almost made me consider becoming a Republican instead of an independent. Almost.