Obama bin Laden dead!

Maybe NOW Lipton T. Bagg can come home???

4 responses to “Obama bin Laden dead!

  1. HOOAAH…!

    “Thanks go out to the black bag assassins from the OGA, the men with Green Faces from SEAL Team 6, the super spooks from all the no name, only numbered Special Mission Units, steely nerved pilots, and KH-11 satellite programmers who helped make this all possible…”

    [OGA” is an acronym for ‘Other Government Agency’… In government and military parlance it is often used to euphemistically speak of the Central Intelligence Agency, particularly when its operations in a particular area are an open secret.”]
    Olde soldier sends best regards…!

  2. It’s a win for our side. There will be reprisals and retaliations but the world is a better place today for having lost Bin Laden.

  3. Hopefully everybody is noticing the little slip in the headline, and in the fox news line at the bottom… OBAMA as opposed to Osama bin Laden.

    And is it just me, or does “Osama” in death look alot like George W. Bush with a beard?

  4. I’m glad our friends of Seal Team Six got the job done. On the picture, though…I’ve heard or read somewhere that it’s a hoax?


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