Attacking the lies of liberalism, one article at a time

A must read “Longhorns 17, Badgers 1“, Iowahawk destroys the liberal lie that unionized teachers produce better results than non-unionized teachers. It doesn’t take a fucking genius to realize that teachers who get tenure and have no incentive to improve and keep improving will become fat and lazy as a pet ‘coon.

5 responses to “Attacking the lies of liberalism, one article at a time

  1. That was good article and brings out the point that anyone can use improper statistical analysis to make their point. Krugman is infamous for improper statistical anal-ysis.


  2. Gimme a break Mike…
    You’ve never tried that…
    Oh… maybe you’ve tried…
    You’ve never done that…

    Is that a jar of Vaseline, in yer pants…
    Gramp’s sends all the very best…!

  3. Have another drink of vodka Gramps and try again. You aint making any sense.

  4. Watch “Waiting for Superman”.

  5. You’re retarded. Liberalism and Capitalism is one and the same.

    We should support Marxism and Communism, and use revolutionary unions to help kill employers/the bourgeosie, and replace Capitalism with Communism. Unions all the way. Btw Fat Coons are cute, i got a Coon pet myself, they so cute. And whats wrong with laziness? Laziness is the reason why *Communism* *WORKS*

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