Liberals attacking Reagan

Know thy (fucking) enemy. Gramps could tell you all about how the gooks operated in the jungle. To stay alive and to win, you must know your enemy.

Liberals lost the attacks on Reagan during his life time. He won with the largest majorities of electoral votes during my lifetime. America loved him, and prospered greatly.  Yet liberals hated him, and attacked him unmercifully.

Remember when he died? Liberals tried to act as though they had loved him and supported him, too.  Lies, all lies.

Reagan is still popular with America in general.  So popular that liberals are trying to sell the lie that Obama is somehow Reaganesque.  Bullshit.  Reagan would have hated Obama and fought him with every breath he took.

Now, near the century anniversary of Reagan’s birth, liberals are still attacking him.  You just are not paying attention.  See here.  See here.  And here and here. See more fag sputum from Reagan’s only son here.

God, I feel sorry for those too young to have seen what I’ve seen. Liberals are sorry worthless pieces of human excrement. Yet they try to dress themselves up as human beings. If it were not for people like me, who have been around, and who know how they operate, Americans might believe their bull shit.

From Slapblog, h/t to Mr. Caps

9 responses to “Liberals attacking Reagan

  1. Absofrigginlutely!
    These people ARE impossible aholes

  2. Obama is the anti-Reagan, notice on Time Ragazine zero is standing on the left…

  3. Ok you’re going to have to copy and paste, it’s worth a look.

  4. Obama is satan

  5. I understand your anger folks, but these people are making a joke of themselves.
    Reagan is a genuine piece of history. His record is there for all to see.
    The babyheads scream and flail? Let them. You can’t be forgotten if nobody remembers you in the first place.

  6. Reagan did leave his mark on this nation. His Borrow and spend approach benefited the wealthiest in this country. Also, his deregulation hurt the middle class, and those Reaganesque policies are still being felt today.

    To be fiscally conservative is good, but the only fiscal responsibility we’ve seen in the last 40 years lay in the hands of Bill Clinton.

    I dislike Clinton as well, however, due to his free-trade policies, which have also hurt this country to no end; these policies are still hurting this country.

    The Republicans need to realize that whenever taxes get cut for the highest earners, that revenue is no longer received by them, which means they have to make up the difference somewhere.

    So, in conclusion, Reagan Republicans believe that we should: 1.) Lower taxes. 2.) Rack up trillions in debt. 3.) Wait for a democrat to get in to office 4.) Blame it on said Democrat. 5.) Get back in to office – rinse, repeat.

    Let’s hope Reagan is the last president we have that had Alzheimer’s disease while in office. This country can’t take any more of that kind of puppet leadership.

    R.I.P. Ronald.

  7. You are on some serius fucking drugs, or just delusional. Judging by your picture, you are a young punk who wasn’t born when Reagan was president, so I’ll be gentle. Even though you are a fucking ignoramous for saying what you are saying.

    The rich pay more than their fair share, and the poor (amongst which you most assuredly are a dues paying member) pay hardly anything. Reagan cut taxes and that spurred the economy for the longest bull market in my lifetime (52). High taxes, high inflation and too much regulation was choking our country from years of democrat controlled congress. Reagan cut through all their bull shit and reversed course for America and everybody benefitted. THAT’s WHY REAGAN IS REVERED. He came into the exact same situation (except for inflation) that Obama came into, except that Reagan’s policies turned the economy around and pulled us out of the recession, but Obama’s is miring us further and further into a recession and joblessness and gloom.

    The problem is not that taxes are too low, it is that spending is out of fucking control. Obama has increased the deficit more than any other president, and he still wants to spend even more. If it was not for the deep debt, he would. It acts as a (teeny tiny) drag against him raising spending even more.

    And if you were alive during Reagan’s years and are still this ignorant, then just fuck off. You are trying to re-write history and it won’t work on my watch.

  8. From the aggressive nature of your response, I will assume that I hit a nerve. Good, because now you are awake. Since you are awake, then you should also go do some fact-checking.

    Here, I’ll give you a few links that you can read:

    You musn’t forget that the debt more than tripled during his time in office, and, even though he did initially cut the marginal tax rates, he raised taxes 11 times throughout his time.

    You see, even Reagan understood what he initially did wasn’t fiscally responsible.

    It would be like you or I buying a house and then quitting our job. How are we going to pay that job without any income? Or, even if we got a part-time job that wasn’t enough to cover it, how would we do it? We would lower spending and increase our income levels.

    The current president we have is a moron; the four presidents before him were just as moronic.

    I will add that I dislike Obama for one reason and one reason only. He has continued the Republican policies of George W. Bush. Obama has only differentiated from the Bush doctrine slightly; that would be his healthcare plan. Other than that, Obama has continued Bush’s policies.

    So, whenever you complain about Obama, you are also complaining about GWB, GHWB, RR, and BC. They are all the same nut with a different shell.

    The time has come for you guys to stand up and say ‘ya’ know what? It’s time to get rid of all of these bastards.’

    It’s time we voted them all out and put in someone that actually cares.

    A word to the wise, though. Cutting income taxes for the uber-rich does not help this country. It cripples it in fact.

    Read my article here:

    Check the sources yourself, and if you are able to use logic to form a thought, then the rest should just fall in to place.

    But, given your last diatribe, I doubt you are able to think in any logical, rational fashion. It’s worth giving it a shot though; I promise you it won’t hurt to try.

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