“Obama is a goddamned coward and it’s time we had the guts to say so.”

Ace of Spades really nails it out of the ball park on this one.  Obama is a passive-aggressive coward who only wants a second term.  And everybody in the nation is too cowed by political correctness, or too blind to see, that he is a gutless follower, not a leader, on the most important issue facing our country today: our debt.

Some may remember that what was at one point George W. Bush’s most important political asset–his personal credibility–once seemed invincible.  The left might have disagreed despised hated his policies, but they were defenseless to personally attack him because the American pulbic held his personal integrity and honesty in such high regard.  We all remember  how that turned out. After years and years of daily endless unrebutted lies about him, “Bush lied, people died” had the effect of destroying his personal credibility.  The left did–fearlessly and without repercussions–what no one thought could be done: they attacked Bush’s strength and defeated it. 

Right now, Obama’s strength is that a while a majority of the people do not like his policies, they still support him personally.  Dupes think that he is qualified, and a nice guy, and they want this affirmative action fellow with the funny ears and the purple lips to succeed, so they support him personally. And that support makes the Republicans and independents afraid to attack him personally.

The right is in the same situation that the left was eight years ago in regards to George W. Bush’s reputation for personal integrity.  Except that the left had the political courage, or mindless zeal, to attack where nobody thought they could succeed.

Now Ace has established a beach head where others have been too cowardly to go.  Let a million voices follow Ace!  Obama is a God-damned coward and it is time we had the guts to say so!

One response to ““Obama is a goddamned coward and it’s time we had the guts to say so.”

  1. “[Ace] the Passive-Aggressive Coward~~~Ace Hat”

    WOW… talk about transference by the “poster boye” for projecting, total blogging, cowardice, on a daily basis…!

    Ace Hat; you have described yer personality to perfection…
    Ace doesn’t allow dissenting imagery or opinion on “his hallowed ground’…it’s 99 and 99/100% pure “Moron”…
    That’s the affected, affectionate, title his “back benchers” use to describe themselves…!

    I gotta give you this JD; at least you’re honest to thine ownself and allow despicable, disgusting, liberals to post on your threads.

    BTW: Just a suggestion from dah geezer…
    Stop with “cross hairs” imagery.
    If anyone, a damn barrister ought to know better, “arse hole”…!

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