Rule Five Monday

By Anonymous

Back, by popular demand, It’s time for Rule Five Monday!  Because we can

QOTD: …”if the state leaves you any money to spend over and above taxes, should you be permitted to spend it on riotous living, but not permiuted to leave it to your children?”  Milton Freidman, via Bread Upon the Waters

And now, for the Grand Finale, here come the fireworks you’ve all been waiting for!!!

7 responses to “Rule Five Monday

  1. You really liked that one of the thong at the beach, eh, Cap? (grin)

  2. he he.

    Oh, by the way, has anybody else noticed? GRAMPS is missing. Prolly on a bender somewhere in the MidWest, but with an old geezer like Gramps, you can’t be too sure. Maybe that great Agent Orange in the Sky came to take him home?

  3. He’s posted on my blog a couple of times the last few days. I think he misses you JD. ..he he he.

  4. Dayammmmn, Mike, yore blog is lookin mighty damn fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, like a nice piece of …

  5. I think that’s Emma Watson with the milkshake.

  6. Ahhhh, the girl with the sweater puppy interferometers. I recognize her.
    Thanks for the SOTU link.
    Nice place. I’ll be back.

  7. Hello Lynchburg: If you invite your family to come along, is that “leaving your family”? Oh, and fuck you. I’m happy.

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