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Random Thoughts from a “Delusional Drunk”

Low Expectations:  The good thing about being an affirmative action President is that people have low expectations of you. When you exceed those very low expectations, certain persons who ought to know better start drooling all over themselves about what a great president you are.  Ed “brain-dead” Morrissey at Hot Air and Charles Krauthammer were two such drooling individuals after The Obamster’s speech about Tucson. 

Here’s a break-down on the “logic” of their thinking.  Obama should attempt to heal the country. Instead, he’ll probably use the speech to attack Palin, Beck, and the Tea Partiers–heck, such an attack is right out of “Rules for Radicals.”  After all, he’s been having his surrogates attack them for over a week without saying a word to stop the attacks. Oh, LOOKY LOOKY!  He did not attack them! he did the right thing [for once]!  Therefore, it was a very good speech, and Obama is wonderful, and all is well with the world. 

Obama’s re-election chances: On my recent foray into Florida I had a chance to talk with my sister and brother in-law felt about Obama.  Background: My sister is a high school graduate and my brother in-low is a 9th grade drop out.  Both have had to earn a living at hard labor jobs. Him, working in the shop, her at waitressing and cooking. They carved out a good life, purchasing 40 acres in the Michigan north, and successfully raising a family, until a wreck took away his ability to work.  They lost the family farm to bankruptcy and retired to Florida to live with my mother and care for her in her final years. 

They do not have internet.  They do not watch or listen to the news. My sister lightly reads the paper.  Otherwise, they are oblivious to the cares and concerns of the outside world.  My mother lived thusly, at least before her recent illness. 

And all three of them voted for Obama, much to my chagrin. I only bring this up to point out that now all three hate the job that Obama is doing, and are embarrassed that they fell for his “hope and change” bull shit rhetoric. My sister is so enraged at how she was taken in by his lies that she has vowed to never again vote in any political election. (I’m trying to get her to at least vote once in the next presidential election, to atone for her last vote.)  And they try to claim that Fox News viewers are “uninformed.  Anecdotal evidence of Obama’s demise, I know, but if you’ve lost the uninformed who were suckered in the first time, your work is cut out for you to get re-elected.

I could care less that the Tucson lunatic shot Federal Officials:  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t wish what he did on anybody.  But I don’t care any more about the fact that he shot a Congresswoman or a Federal judge. To me, they are not “worth” more than the typical victim of a lunatic.  In fact, I’m more upset about the death of the 9-year-old girl. To me, elected officials are what are known in the legal field as “fungible.” One is the same as the other; they are interchangeable (all about equally as bad). I would not feel badly if a congress woman or a federal judge were killed in an automobile accident. Not because I am un-caring, but because I do not assign more worth to their lives than to any other person’s life.

On the other hand, if this had been the work of a political operative, or some political conspiracy. I’m reminded of the scene in “The God Father” where Don Corleone met with all the other God Fathers. He wanted a truce in order to bring Michael back from Sicily.  He said something to the effect that if anything happened to Michael, whether he was hit by lightning, or he suffered a fall, whatever, then he would not forgive his enemies. Similarly, if something happens to say Sarah Palin or Glen Beck, or any other conservative spokesperson at the hands of a liberal/progressive/socialist punk, “That I cannot forgive.” In such case, I would care, greatly. Maybe even to the point of exacting revenge.  Likewise, I would assume that the Democrats would feel the same way had this shooting been political.  But it wasn’t.  It was no different from say the Safeway parking lot being hit by a meteorite. I’m “sorry” that they were hurt, just as much but no more than I am sorry that Haiti got hit by a terrible quake, and several people died on the highways during this last weekend, and children are starving in Africa.  Hate to say it, but I think the media is overblowing this entire incident.  Hey, don’t hate, I’m just being honest.

John Doe