It is official! EVERYTHING Sarah Palin says “incites violence”

By Doug Hagin

The Left is obsessed with Palin, EVERYTHING this woman says, apparently, is now an incitement of violence. take this example from Yid With Lid. It seems that the latest “violent rhetoric from Palin is the term Blood Libel. Palin recorded a video expressing her sorrow over the Arizona shootings, and the Left, is going nuts

But, especially within hours of a tragedy unfolding, journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn. That is reprehensible.

For example Ruth Marcus at the Washington Post said:

Blood libel is a term with a specific and terrible history. It refers to the scurrilous accusation that Jews kidnapped and murdered Christian children to use their blood to prepare Passover matzoh. Charges of blood libel have spurred massacres of Jews throughout the centuries; the myth was revived by Hitler and persists today from Russia to the Arab world.

Using the phrase “blood libel” is akin to making a Holocaust analogy: It is almost always a bad idea. Very little compares to the murder of thousands or millions of Jews simply because of their religion.

Howard Kurtz at his new gig at the Daily Beast added:

Blood libel, for those who are not familiar, describes a false accusation that minorities—usually Jews—murder children to use their blood in religious rituals, and has been a historical theme in the persecution of the Jewish people. Had Palin scoured a thesaurus, she could not have come up with a more inflammatory phrase.

Throughout the liberal world accusations began to spring up suggesting that Palin’s use of the phrase blood libel was some how an affront to the Jewish people.

As a Jew who has studied and often writes about Jewish issues, the Holocaust and Antisemitism in general allow me for a second to comment on the claims of those progressive commentators.  Horse Crap!

Again, the Left has their new fear and smear campaign in high gear don’t they? Trying to convince us that all Right Wing rhetoric is not political speech, no, it is, instead, violent rhetoric,that must be “toned down” lest those crazy Conservatives pick up weapons and go on killing sprees. This strategy also sees, naturally to intimidate Republicans into shutting up, or afraid to speak up for what they believe. I say to all Americans, DO NOT BUY what the Liberals are selling.

Folks, the Left jumped all over the Arizona killings, accusing Glenn Beck, Palin, Rush, etc. of “inciting violence” and causing that barbaric act. Even though the killer was certainly not a conservative, the Left, including their media lap dogs, are still pushing that sack of manure, and they always will. First they said that the vitriol of the Tea Party, and Palin, and Beck, caused this. Then, when that dog did not hunt, they changed their charge. Now it is “violent rhetoric” and anti-government vitriol that caused it. See even when the Left is proven dead wrong, they change their tune and insist that they are still right! Again, DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!

5 responses to “It is official! EVERYTHING Sarah Palin says “incites violence”

  1. What’s the bet the folks flinging abuse at Sarah Palin are the same people that objected to the CIC being given the Joker makeover?
    The left there and here believes it has a monopoly on caricature and mockery of their opp0nents…

  2. Bush monkey photos of a few years back were sooooooooooooooooo funny. Obama monkey photos of more recent vintage were raaaaaaaaaaaacist.
    Bush Nazi/Hitler photoshops were high art.
    Obama Nazi/Hitler/Commie photo shops are scurriless gutter raaaaacist elementary humor.

    And so it goes…just another day in the liberal hypocrite’s life.

  3. Our PM John Howard got the same ragging as GWB over Iraq. And yet, I ask, how many cartoonists in Bagdad could be found lampooning Saddam at that time?
    So far as I am aware: absolutely none.
    It’s one of the blessings of the societies we live in that we all feel free to say to the people in charge Look, you just might be wrong on this. But even that freedom has to be tempered with a dash of maturity – and some sense of gratitude too that it exists for us at all.

  4. and so goes another day here….but at least I know John Doe is alive per his comment on a blog. 🙂

    Glad to see you’re still alive & kicking, as well, Mrs.&#160 Kim doing okay?

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