I’m baaaaaack

Sorry all y’all, but my 80-year-old mother was doing terrible   and so I made an emergency trip to Punta Gorda last Wednesday and just got back.  I left my laptop because they do not have the internet in their little neck of the woods.

Last word health-wise as she is doing better, but my back is killing me up to my waste in the Gulf of Mexico in 77 degree heat while surf fishing.   Tonight I was in shorts and sandals as I flew into Minneapolis St. Paul where they had about a half-foot of snow. Then here in Vegas where it is 43.  Had to turn on the heat.

John Doe 

2 responses to “I’m baaaaaack

  1. Welcome back. Hope your Mother keeps improving health-wise.

    If I’d known you were in Punta Gorda last week, I’d have made a special trip over there. I was in South Florida in Delray Beach at the time.


  2. Two words, Cap: Wireless modem.

    Sprint makes the best. Verizon’s good in a pinch. Under no circumstances whatsoever use AT&T’s for this purpose. Their wireless network sucks. (For data purposes, anyway – the wireless voice network does okay.)

    In fact, this comment was entered using a wireless modem. (Being a professional geekizoid is pretty damn cool. 🙂 )

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