I WANT Federal elected officials afraid, VERY AFRAID

You bitches and sons of bitches represent We, The People. When you ram down our throats legislation that is unconstitutional, you damn better be concerned about your physical safety.  This is a country that not too long ago would have tarred and feathered such legislators and sent them out-of-town riding backwards on a donkey. 

But John, but John! Aren’t you inviting the crazy people to violence? Aren’t you creating a climate of hate that only encourages violence?!  Won’t the liberals demonize you by blaming you for the recent shooting by a crazed lunatic? Big fucking deal.   Liberals are always going to blame the conservatives.   The reason they attack Palin and Beck and Tea Partiers is because those individuals fight the evils of liberalism. You can either get over the fact that liberals will attack you with lies, or you will never have the balls to stand up to them. If enough give up the fight against the evils of liberalism, this country is so screwed.  So screwed. 

John Doe

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