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Chris Wysocki: Yes, Republicans can suffer the ravages of Knee Jerk Syndrome too!

By Doug Hagin

Another of my Liberal maladies, Knee Jerk Syndrome, causes politicians to want to pass unneeded and largely useless laws every time sometime a tragedy happens. Chris notes that even Republicans can be afflicted with this malady that seem to strike all the common sense in people!

Common Sense? Meet Rep. Peter King (R-NY). Now please help him stop over-reacting to the Tucson shooting incident. Please, before he does something really stupid.

Although I don’t know what could be more stupid than this: Rep. King plans to introduce legislation making it illegal for someone to knowingly carry a gun within 1,000 feet of certain high-ranking federal officials, including members of Congress.

“It would give law enforcement the weapon they need to protect federal officials and just as importantly, it would provide a large measure of security for those who want to meet with their federal elected officials,” said King, who is chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.

Have metal detectors, will travel? And while Petey and his Congressional Bubble are in transit will it emit a constantly updating real-time GPS map so us otherwise law-abiding citizens can detour around the Cone of Insanity?

Good Freaking Grief!!!!!!! Is that law going to stop a deranged man? Or a terrorist who cares not if he dies? NO! Of course not! Be sure to read all of Chris’s post, and check out his update, which features Dan, “I want to be a knee jerk dumb ass too” Burton!

And also take a look at what William Jacobson, and Lance Burri have to say on this!

It is official! EVERYTHING Sarah Palin says “incites violence”

By Doug Hagin

The Left is obsessed with Palin, EVERYTHING this woman says, apparently, is now an incitement of violence. take this example from Yid With Lid. It seems that the latest “violent rhetoric from Palin is the term Blood Libel. Palin recorded a video expressing her sorrow over the Arizona shootings, and the Left, is going nuts

But, especially within hours of a tragedy unfolding, journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn. That is reprehensible.

For example Ruth Marcus at the Washington Post said:

Blood libel is a term with a specific and terrible history. It refers to the scurrilous accusation that Jews kidnapped and murdered Christian children to use their blood to prepare Passover matzoh. Charges of blood libel have spurred massacres of Jews throughout the centuries; the myth was revived by Hitler and persists today from Russia to the Arab world.

Using the phrase “blood libel” is akin to making a Holocaust analogy: It is almost always a bad idea. Very little compares to the murder of thousands or millions of Jews simply because of their religion.

Howard Kurtz at his new gig at the Daily Beast added:

Blood libel, for those who are not familiar, describes a false accusation that minorities—usually Jews—murder children to use their blood in religious rituals, and has been a historical theme in the persecution of the Jewish people. Had Palin scoured a thesaurus, she could not have come up with a more inflammatory phrase.

Throughout the liberal world accusations began to spring up suggesting that Palin’s use of the phrase blood libel was some how an affront to the Jewish people.

As a Jew who has studied and often writes about Jewish issues, the Holocaust and Antisemitism in general allow me for a second to comment on the claims of those progressive commentators.  Horse Crap!

Again, the Left has their new fear and smear campaign in high gear don’t they? Trying to convince us that all Right Wing rhetoric is not political speech, no, it is, instead, violent rhetoric,that must be “toned down” lest those crazy Conservatives pick up weapons and go on killing sprees. This strategy also sees, naturally to intimidate Republicans into shutting up, or afraid to speak up for what they believe. I say to all Americans, DO NOT BUY what the Liberals are selling.

Folks, the Left jumped all over the Arizona killings, accusing Glenn Beck, Palin, Rush, etc. of “inciting violence” and causing that barbaric act. Even though the killer was certainly not a conservative, the Left, including their media lap dogs, are still pushing that sack of manure, and they always will. First they said that the vitriol of the Tea Party, and Palin, and Beck, caused this. Then, when that dog did not hunt, they changed their charge. Now it is “violent rhetoric” and anti-government vitriol that caused it. See even when the Left is proven dead wrong, they change their tune and insist that they are still right! Again, DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!

Lowell Folk, flaming asshole

As a service to our readers, we offer a guest commentator who gives advice to the general public

Back by popular demand John Doe’s decree, it’s some more of “Ask Uncle Lowell, the Progressvie A**hole!”  Complete with his Democrap Cheerleaders’ outfit and pom poms!

Dear Uncle Lowell: Why do those dirty bastard conservatives insist on speaking out even though we demonize them? Don’t they know that they do not have any business disagreeing with we Progressives? Can we kill them all? Or at least make it illegal to speak if you are a conservative, especially if you espouse conservative points of view?!  Sincerely, “Under the Spell of My Marxist Professors!”

Uncle Lowell: Dear “Under the Spell,” I do like the cut of your gib! Some professor somewhere certainly needs to be applauded. No, we can’t kill conservatives yet. But your other ideas are being advanced with great dispatch. Ever heard of “The Fairness Doctrine” and “hate speech”?  That is what we dirty little hippies, as John Doe calls us, are doing to try to stifle conservatives. Anything that they say that disagrees with our communist agenda, why we simply decree that it is “hate speech” and we ban it.  And we soon will have the government regulate all that conservative speech on the radio.  It’s not enough that we control 90% of the media.  The people still are not accepting our message, so we have to control all of it! 

Dear Uncle Lowell, Why are we allowing Sarah Palin, Glen Beck and all those Tea Partiers to speak their minds?  I thought we got rid of them?! Signed, All Your Little Face Book Nincompoop Friends!

Uncle Lowell: Dear Nincompoop Friends, we are trying to get rid of them! We are attacking them and trying to blame them for the murders by that crazy guy out in Arizona!  Help us by keeping up the attack!  You guys aren’t called nincompoops for nothing! 

Dear Uncle Lowell: Why is it that you fear freedom? What part of “Congress Shall Make No Law Respecting Freedom of Speech” that you asshole Progressives don’t understand? John in Virginia Las Vegas.

Uncle Lowell: Dear John, freedom is over-rated. Why, if The People are allowed to listen to whatever and whomever that they choose, Progressive ideas are usually soundly defeated at the polls. “The People” don’t know what is good for them and have to be treated as children. We self-appointed “elites” know better than they do what is best for them.

Dear Uncle Lowell, why do you Progressives blame the shooting by that crazy guy on Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, The Tea Party, and so-called “hateful rhetoric”? After all, there is no hint that loon ever listened to any of them or was influenced in the least by any rhetoric.  And why do you Progressives want to pass new laws to prevent such incidents in the future? Isn’t it ALREADY illegal to murder? And wasn’t it you Progressives who made it illegal to institutionalize crazy people until they proved to be a threat to society? Isn’t a crazy person by very definition a threat to society because they do not act sanely?  A crazy person is prone to do crazy things! Signed, Lipton TB, lost somewhere in America.

Dear LTB: Silly boy, you just don’t understand we Progressives. We don’t care about facts! If the facts are against us, and they normally are, we just lie and make up new facts. And we aren’t in favor of freedom, unless it is for crazy people. All you conservatives are not really crazy, so you don’t get freedoms. And we advocate new laws to further curtail freedoms after every tragedy. That’s how we operate! The less freedom for all you great un-washed chumps living in flyover country, the greater license to steal and plunder our Progressive lawmakers will have.  (And by the way LTB, all your friends here at Smash Mouth Politics miss you!)

I WANT Federal elected officials afraid, VERY AFRAID

You bitches and sons of bitches represent We, The People. When you ram down our throats legislation that is unconstitutional, you damn better be concerned about your physical safety.  This is a country that not too long ago would have tarred and feathered such legislators and sent them out-of-town riding backwards on a donkey. 

But John, but John! Aren’t you inviting the crazy people to violence? Aren’t you creating a climate of hate that only encourages violence?!  Won’t the liberals demonize you by blaming you for the recent shooting by a crazed lunatic? Big fucking deal.   Liberals are always going to blame the conservatives.   The reason they attack Palin and Beck and Tea Partiers is because those individuals fight the evils of liberalism. You can either get over the fact that liberals will attack you with lies, or you will never have the balls to stand up to them. If enough give up the fight against the evils of liberalism, this country is so screwed.  So screwed. 

John Doe

I’m baaaaaack

Sorry all y’all, but my 80-year-old mother was doing terrible   and so I made an emergency trip to Punta Gorda last Wednesday and just got back.  I left my laptop because they do not have the internet in their little neck of the woods.

Last word health-wise as she is doing better, but my back is killing me up to my waste in the Gulf of Mexico in 77 degree heat while surf fishing.   Tonight I was in shorts and sandals as I flew into Minneapolis St. Paul where they had about a half-foot of snow. Then here in Vegas where it is 43.  Had to turn on the heat.

John Doe