Imagine my Suprise…. (via Thatmrgguy’s Blog)

Watch your speed going through this town.

Talk about your "big brother" syndrome, guess what I had waiting on me when I got home. A traffic ticket from Ridgeland, South Carolina. Yep, evidently the town of Ridgeland has speed traps set up on their seven mile stretch of I-95. I wondered what that blinding flash was that almost made us swerve over into that bridge abutment. The envelope showed up at our house with a copy of my license photo, a photo of my tag and a picture of the driver. I … Read More

via Thatmrgguy's Blog

2 responses to “Imagine my Suprise…. (via Thatmrgguy’s Blog)

  1. I’m no barrister, Mike.

    I’m thinkin’ JD, might be your best source of legal advice with respect to this despicable, photo entrapment…

    The new, Republican, Congress should probably get involved “hip deep” in this damnable 1984 chicanery…

    I’d write both of yer Senator’s and yer “wingnut Congressperson”…

    Post haste…!

    • Well Gramps, considering it’s against SC State law to use these photo speed traps, I would consider that I have a strong case for dismissal, plus I wasn’t even driving. 😉

      Also, there is a class action lawsuit against the town for this 1984ish BS.

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