Daily Archives: January 4, 2011

The Muslim “Final Solution” — Lobotomies for all of them

No, I’m not kidding.  Think of all the time and money that we would save if we never had to deal with them dirty fucking Moslem extremists–ever again.   Imagine if we could transport the world back in time, to a time before the dirty flea-infested camel jockeys began hijacking airplanes and murdering  Olympians.  To a time before those dirty bastards began recruiting retards and impressionable children to strap on suicide vests and explode themselves in courtyards and crowded market places.  To a time before those goat fucking pedophiles shoved wheel chair ridden victims overboard to let them drown.  To a time before those deranged perverts began beheading journalists because of their religion.  To a time when those followers of a goat fucking pedophile called Mohammed began to blow up peaceful Coptic Christians during their New Year’s Eve service.

Don’t give me this crap about how my proposed solution is too extreme, and how the liberals would never go for it.  I have that angle covered!  Remind them, or more accurately, educate them on how the Kennedys used this procedure on their own daughter/sister Rosemary. Key selling point: If it was good enough for a Kennedy, it’s good enough for a deranged raghead. We even have a ready-made theme song: “Teenage Kennedy Lobotomy” by Anti-Flag. 

If that line does not work on liberals, we can try this: All the money that we save on airport scanners and bomb-sniffing dogs and unionized airport thugs inspectors can be put to better use, such as lowering the cost of higher education, or providing free health care for the poor, or whatever gaggy issue is uppermost in their communist agenda.  Hey, it would be a win-win solution.  We shut up those God damned dirty ragheads and make the liberals stop their incessant whining at the same time. And we’d save buttloads of money to boot. 

Heck, we can probably get other countries to pony up to help with the time, money and effort it will take to pacify all those inbred camel humping morons.  Imagine how much Sweden, Denmark, Australia, Spain, England, Philipines, Indonesia, India– oh, hell, everywhere those scum suckers are should be listed–would pay to finally be rid of their very own Muslim Problem.

How do we tell the “peaceful religion” folks from the dirty little boy ass-raping terrorists? First, that is likely a trick question. I seriously doubt there are any “peaceful” Muslims.  Can you point to a country that they control or have infested that is trouble free?  But if there are a handful of “peaceful” ragheads, so what?  Lobotomize them all, let God sort them out!

John Doe

p.s.  Imagine all the peeepullllll, living life in peace, without no fucking ragheads!  You may saaaaay I’m a dreeeeeamer, but I’m not the only one…

And a little eyewash to make up for all these reminders of how truly evil and scummy the camel humpers are.