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Who is in charge? The People, or the government?

Headlines on Drudge about the Brits threatening to “censor web or we will “legislate to protect the children” and “Chavez defends plan for internet regulations” and “Dems play politics with ‘net neutrality’ vote” got me steaming. Who the fuck do those in the government think that they are? The government did not invent the internet, it does not own the internet, it does not have a fucking thing to do with the internet. And yet, those officious bastards are dying to get their hands on the net, to control it, to tax it, and to grab the power that it controls.

Then, my heart was warmed by reading this article.  An entire jury pool stated that they would refuse to convict a defendant for possession of a meer 1/16th of an ounce of pot. The government is in charge of making laws, of arresting and prosecuting and sentencing those who break the laws, but We, The People, still have a say in the matter.  

Gawd, I love America. We have guns, freedom of speech, and we have the means to shoot whoever tries to pull a Hitler Chavez dictatorship coup.  And liberals/progressives are still in the minority! Isn’t life great!!!?

J. D. 

p.s.  No, I don’t smoke pot.  But I think it should be legalized. End Prohibition.  And I think that the federal government’s involvement is unconstitutional.  See my previous post here for a fuller explanation of my views.

Fox News viewers are stuppididerr than MSNBC Viewers

Or maybe not.  See this VerumSerum expose’

All you stupid fucks who say “Bush Caused the Recession” should read this.


Detroit Lions: THE STREAK has been broken

The Leos’ record 26 game road trip losing trip has been snapped in fine fashion with their over-time win over the Tampa Bay Bucs!


That is all. j.d.

Should I do this?

I’m deathly afraid of heights.  My legs start to shake at 10 feet.  I presume I would piss my pants at ten stories.  I also was born with an “outie” which in my old age has turned into a slight hernia–I can only imagine what free-falling would do to that little bugger. But I still am intrigued by this.

Johnny Vegas

Why the cultural conservatives fight the culture wars

Ever notice the left and the libertarians always accuse the right of using cultural issues to fire up their base? And that such issues unnecessarily divide the country and the Republican party? But when the left brings up divisive cultural issues to fire up their base, those same critics of the right are quiet as a church mouse.

The lame duck Congress and Senate are devoting all their precious time before Christmas break to solving THE most pressing issue in the entire country, now that OmniPorkII has been pulled off the table in abject defeat.  You guessed it!  They are trying to jam the repeal of “Don’t Axe Don’t Tell” down the military’s throat. Heaven forbid that some faggot somewhere might want to tell the world that he is a buttpucker right now, without waiting for the next Congress to adjourn. 

And all you cultural conservatives who want to rise up and object to the repeal of this doctrine? “Hush, child. We got more important things to do,” the libertarians will tell you. “Focus on fiscal issues. Focus, focus focus.”  When what they really mean is “Fuck Us.”  In other words, we–cultural conservatives–are dupes to the Republican party.  They want–and dearly need–cultural conservatives to make up their base, and to help enact their fiscal conservative issues.  But then they–Republicans and libertarians– try to keep we cultural conservatives from even joining the fray. 

The reason the cultural conservative Republicans keep fighting the cultural issues is not to fire up their own base, it is because the disgusting left keeps bringing up those issues, always attacking, and the cultural conservatives are the only ones left to fight back. 

John Doe

‘Twas the Lame Duck Before Christmas

A Lame Duck Christmas

 ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when scared like a mouse, A lame duck was stirring, Both in Senate and House.

November elections, still hung in the air (though most of the Democrats just didn’t care.)

Their omnibus nestled, all snug and unread, And visions of pork barrels danced in their heads.

San Fran Nan in her kercheif, with gums all aflap, Had a DREAM their agenda they still could enact

See the rest at Red State a great idea!

Finally, a competitor for Greyhound.  I once rode Greyhound from Michigan to Miami, FL and swore I would never do it again.  It cost almost as much to fly, and it took over 10x as long–thirty-six hours if memory serves.

Megabus offers $1.00 fares if you book 45 days in advance.  A bus trip from Richmond, Va to Washington, D.C. is only $15!  Great idea, gentlemen. 


Miss Liberty is hawt!

Gay rights apply equally to incest

Sometimes slopes really are slippery.  You can’t grant “Constitutional rights” to queers and still criminalize pedophilia and incest.  At least some in the world realize this and are consistent.  See, e.g., “Switzerland considers repealing incest law.”  

Smash Mouth has been at the cutting edge of this retarded legal thought process.  See here, here and here,for example.  This is what happens when you remove God’s revealed will from any discussion of what is right and what is wrong. You end up with no morality. Whatever the lowest pond scum believes is acceptable behavior is what you get.  How can you allow two queers to meet and do it in the men’s room, but not allow a hooker to charge somebody for it? There is no logical distinction between adult incest and prostitution and homosexual relations between consenting adults and homosexual relations between an adult and a child of legal age (some states and countries as low as 14 years old).


Are YOU a homosexual?

How do you KNOW? You might  be. Go here to find out. 


p.s.  Gramps, step away from the computer. Do not click on that link! We know what months in the jungle, and exposure to “Agent Orange” did to you. This is gonna get ugly.