Daily Archives: December 28, 2010

Smash Mouth welcomes our newest blogger, Lefty Lucy

GOD DAMN Sarah Palin. Bitch kills living things and eats them. Sure, I go to McDonalds and Wendys. Sure, I eat the God Damned burgers. But I didn’t kill them. Fucking cows would have been killed anyway, whether I stopped in or not. So STFU about me being a hypocrite, ‘kay?

Fucking George W. Fucking Bush anyway.  MFer said he would close Gitmo, and would bring our troops home from Afghanistan.  Good thing we got that black mofo Barack Obama in the White House for all that Hope and Change, eh?!

God Damn those social conservatives who always push their extreme social agenda down our throats, just to fire up their right-wing nut job base, and to agitate for their extreme right-wing social views!  Good thing we pushed through DADT just before the nutjobs gained control of Congress, eh?!

Coincidence that I am blogging right around Kwanza? I think not. Fuck all y’all “Christians” who celebrate “Christmas.” You bigots. You hypocritical warmongers.  [Rolls eyes and gags at all you traditionalists who promote pagan Christmas trees.] 

God Damn all you nutjobs who think that current local weather conditions have anything to do with global warming! Remember when it is cold in the summertime, or warm in the winter, that has nothing to do with global warming. Unless it is really hot in summer, or really warm in winter. Then it has EVERYTHING to do with global warming. But when it is cold in winter, or cooler than normal in summer, that is just bull shit.  Ignore it. In fact, blame it on anthropogenic global warming. Shut up, bitch–just do it.

Did I mention that I want to give Julian Assange a freebie? I do!  I don’t care if he does wear a condom or not!  I’ll take photos of it and post it on Reddit.com!

Did I mention what a bitch Palin is? And how wonderful Barry Obama is? Just wondering.

Now fuck off. 

Lefty Lucy.