U.S. teen birth rate at all time low

ATLANTA (AP) – “The U.S. teen birth rate in 2009 fell to its lowest point in almost 70 years of record-keeping – a decline that stunned experts who believe it’s partly due to the recession.”

“The birth rate for teenagers fell to 39 births per 1,000 girls, ages 15 through 19, according to a government report released Tuesday. It was a 6 percent decline from the previous year, and the lowest since health officials started tracking the rate in 1940.”

Blah blah BLAH!  Go read the article if you interested. I’m not. I think this is bullshit. I think somebody is lying, or somebody forgot to report, or somebody made a huge mathematical error. No. Fucking. Way.  The birth rate is not the lowest in my lifetime. I’ll bet my life on it. 


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