Hey You Lucky Bastards…I’m Back!

Well…it’s all over over but but the crying. We won’t know for a few more days how we did, but all indications say that we did pretty good this year. Found out that we actually had 127,000 trees shipped instead of the original 123,000, and so far, we’ve sold over 120,000. Still a little ways to go to our target percentage of 98% sold, which is what we had last year.

I was very proud of my daughter, who helped out this year. She was our best worker and broke her dad’s,(me), record for hours worked. She had 362 hours, far eclipsing my previous record of 325 hours a couple of years ago. I would also venture to say that she also broke my mileage record, too. Oh… that’s hours worked in a month.

Just have to go back down to Fla after Christmas and clean up the remainder of the trees. Maybe hit the HardRock Casino one time.


Hope Everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



One response to “Hey You Lucky Bastards…I’m Back!

  1. Sounds like an episode of “Ice Road Truckers” set in Old Dixie.

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