A special Christmas Toast to GregoryNo6

He’s Smash Mouth’s Southern Hemisphere Affiliate.  Our “Thunder from Down Under.” And ladies, he’s hawt, too


5 responses to “A special Christmas Toast to GregoryNo6

  1. GregoryNo6…
    Have yah ever, crossed paths, with any of the olde bloks… of the Aussie’ Special Aire Service, that served in Vietnam, back in the “sixties”…?
    I’d be very interested to know…
    I would appreciate an “Hail fellow well met”…!

    Thanks…and have a “gud day”…!

  2. Funny you should ask about the SAS Gramps. I have had contact with Campbell Barracks here in Perth through work at different times. Matter of fact, I sent three of Gina’s calendars off to my current contact there this morning.
    And John, thanks for the free publicity. It can’t hurt. Unless Bob Belvedere adds me to tomorrow’s countdown collection…

  3. ggn06…
    I’m seventy two.

    Obviously there would be no active, personnel, in service today. Unless…” once a trooper always a treker” in the SAS…?
    I served in VN from 1962-65 on three different, A-Teams and with Project Delta 2, in 1965 until 1966.

    I may be mistaken, its’ been close to half a century…I vaguely, recall, the name of Jeremy [spelling]…?

    Never had the pleasure of workin’ with them in the bush…only time we met was on 5 Tudo Street, Saigon, VN.
    Only things we did there were; drink Bah Moi Bah, slingbravo sierra and do the famous dance…!

    BTW: Yers truly, did not buy the next round…!

  4. gregoryno6…

    When are the Smash Mouth warriors, gonna get their copies of Gina’s calendars…?

  5. Good question. I had to wait about 10 days to get mine in Perth, and Gina said that even some of her Stateside customers were experiencing delays. I’m hoping they will arrive this week Gramps, and I’ll pass the word along to Miss President herself.

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