Daily Archives: December 20, 2010

Who is in charge? The People, or the government?

Headlines on Drudge about the Brits threatening to “censor web or we will “legislate to protect the children” and “Chavez defends plan for internet regulations” and “Dems play politics with ‘net neutrality’ vote” got me steaming. Who the fuck do those in the government think that they are? The government did not invent the internet, it does not own the internet, it does not have a fucking thing to do with the internet. And yet, those officious bastards are dying to get their hands on the net, to control it, to tax it, and to grab the power that it controls.

Then, my heart was warmed by reading this article.  An entire jury pool stated that they would refuse to convict a defendant for possession of a meer 1/16th of an ounce of pot. The government is in charge of making laws, of arresting and prosecuting and sentencing those who break the laws, but We, The People, still have a say in the matter.  

Gawd, I love America. We have guns, freedom of speech, and we have the means to shoot whoever tries to pull a Hitler Chavez dictatorship coup.  And liberals/progressives are still in the minority! Isn’t life great!!!?

J. D. 

p.s.  No, I don’t smoke pot.  But I think it should be legalized. End Prohibition.  And I think that the federal government’s involvement is unconstitutional.  See my previous post here for a fuller explanation of my views.