Daily Archives: December 16, 2010

Megabus.com a great idea!

Finally, a competitor for Greyhound.  I once rode Greyhound from Michigan to Miami, FL and swore I would never do it again.  It cost almost as much to fly, and it took over 10x as long–thirty-six hours if memory serves.

Megabus offers $1.00 fares if you book 45 days in advance.  A bus trip from Richmond, Va to Washington, D.C. is only $15!  Great idea, gentlemen. 


Miss Liberty is hawt!

Gay rights apply equally to incest

Sometimes slopes really are slippery.  You can’t grant “Constitutional rights” to queers and still criminalize pedophilia and incest.  At least some in the world realize this and are consistent.  See, e.g., “Switzerland considers repealing incest law.”  

Smash Mouth has been at the cutting edge of this retarded legal thought process.  See here, here and here,for example.  This is what happens when you remove God’s revealed will from any discussion of what is right and what is wrong. You end up with no morality. Whatever the lowest pond scum believes is acceptable behavior is what you get.  How can you allow two queers to meet and do it in the men’s room, but not allow a hooker to charge somebody for it? There is no logical distinction between adult incest and prostitution and homosexual relations between consenting adults and homosexual relations between an adult and a child of legal age (some states and countries as low as 14 years old).