A rejoinder to Bernie Sanders

Obviously the people of Vermont are fucking idiots to have elected a socialist as their Senator. Whoa, am I being to harsh? I think not.  But I am at least open to persuasion. Unlike died in the wool socialists.

How many times do we have to have it demonstrated that socialism does not work before morons finally catch on? California is bankrupt. Illinois and New York are close behind.  Romney-care is a failure, so what are liberals to do? Expand that failure to every state in the nation!

“Tax cuts” that are “allowed to lapse” are tax increases.  You stood in the floor of the Senate for 8 1/2 hours arguing for a tax increase. On every family that earns more than $250,000.  You want the Government to legally steal those persons’ hard-earned money so that you can pass that money out to your cronies. We will remember it in future elections.

Here’s a clue, Comrade Bernie: “Tax cuts” to the wealthy do not create deficits, government spending creates deficits. 

As a socialist, you whine and moan about corporations “excessive profits” from sales of goods or services legally produced. But you have no problem with the government taking what it did not produce from those who did produce it. You side with Big Government against the people. 

Bottom line, Bernie: You trust Big Government, while a vast majority of, We, The People, do not trust Big Government. That’s why a little socialist faggot like you can only be elected by some little podunk state in the middle of girly-man New England.  That’s why you and your kind are in the tiny minority here in The Land of The Free and The Home of the Brave. Amen. 

As usual, “The Boss” got it exactly right in her article “When is enough enough?”  See also Star Parker’s “Class warfare ignores relevent facts about families.”

John Doe

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