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Link Fest 9000(B)

The Camp of the Saints scores big, and I do mean big, with Valory Irene.  And while we’re there, Bob’s Rule 5 News this week is a marvelous work of reportage.

Not a babe-fest, but something all of us parents ought to read:  The Great College Degree Scam. (h/t Instapundit).  On a similar note, Whiskey explains why The Elites are not the Elite.

Cute Chick from some vampire show I will never, ever watch

Via Althouse:  Jim Morrison, the Doors front man who famously lamented The Death of His Cock is pardoned by Florida for allegedly showing his cock at a concert, 39 years after he and his cock drank and drugged themselves to death in Paris.  Charlie “The Loser” Crist and Alex “The Loser” Sink spoke of how Mr.  Morrsion’s great artistry entitled him to a pardon.  Mr. Morrison and his cock were not available for comment.  However, they BOTH later released a statement that they highly approved of this:

Courtesy of Mind Numbed Robot.

Finally–not sure if I’ll be posting anything for awhile.  Going out of the country for a secret mission on behalf of the Secret Reptilian Humanoids Who Actually Run This Earth.  Since my “resignation was accepted” at my old job I had to find a new gig, after all.  Just a couple of briefings and then a “sanction” on some guy, they tell me.  After all, we “sanction” Iran all the freakin’ time and nothing bad happens.  Right?  Also the money is good.  In case it’s several weeks before the next post, I leave you with this:

She’s the Real Thing.

Ah, Angie.  A woman for grown-ups.