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Hello Friends–Link Fest 9000(A)

Friends link friends, and quite a few friends have linked here lately.  It’s only good manners that we link back:

Yankee Phil linked Limits of Knowledge and Bond Girl vs. Bond Girl (and lots of other people’s even better stuff).

Awhile back, Eye of Polyphemus linked to us linking to him (or something like that) admiring Michele Carey.  There’s a lot to admire!  Like Jamie, I could also not care less about John Lennon.

The Daley Gator also linked the Bond Girls.

Yankee Phil also previously linked First Posts which had one of the finest female behinds ever seen in the history of the Earth (courtesy of John Doe).  If you have an interest in that subject you should check it out…

The Other McCain has linked here several times, and you should immediately hit that link and then hit his freakin’ tip jar so that he can continue to entertain and inform us.  He invented Rule 5, after all.

Since I had a few minutes to spare I searched for “unusual bathing suits” and found this:

They call it “the bandage.”


Half Way There…Whew (via Thatmrgguy’s Blog)

Need I say more?

Half Way There...Whew Well, we're at least half way there. As of a couple of days ago, we had sold over 60,000 Frasier Fir Christmas trees. We're at the half way mark now. But it aint downhill yet.   What it looked like a couple of days ago…We were "shittin' bricks". We'd never had that many trees in the warehouse before. Not as many trees as before…but still too many What it looked like yesterday before we got another couple more tractor trailer loads of fre … Read More

via Thatmrgguy's Blog