Heating Up the Slow Season

News–I am being bounced from my current political plum job on Friday  and into “vacation” status, with “unemployed” to follow.   While I will, no doubt, land on my feet, this caused me to reflect on the recent  fates of the Crewe here at SMP.  To wit:

Captain John Doe, Founding Blogger.  Left home, headed for Vegas and a poker career, at last report returned to VA, last post Dec. 2.  Current whereabouts:



thatmrguy (Mike). Christmas tree man and all ’round Great American.  Last post Nov. 24.  Current whereabouts:



Lipton T. Bagg.  Soldier, Patriot, Stand Up Guy.  Last post waaaaay the hell back when.  Current whereabouts:



And so friends, as you can see my little employment hiccup is as nothing compared to the unknown (or highly suspicious) fates of the other Fine Gentlemen who normally grace This Space.  However, as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.  The world needs this blog, and this blog needs this:

say NO!” to excessive packaging!  Especially on your wimmin.

6 responses to “Heating Up the Slow Season

  1. Well now…nice picture there. It’s pretty cold here in South Florida…only in the 60’s during the day and down to the forties at night, although, I heard someone on the radio say something about some frost. I do know it’s cold back home in S. Carolina. How cold is it?…Colder than a witch’s teat in a brass bra in a North Dakota blizzard. 😉


  2. Hey Mikeiee…
    From what I read earlier, yer goin’ “great guns” at “Best Buy” down in the southland only “kissed lightly” by Jack Frost, last nite…?

    Season’s Greetings… to all you SMP [b]loggers…

    BTW: I’m thinkin’, for all these fer hire, “contractors and special guns” here… some might possibly be better served, by plying their “field expedience” and “where-with-all” as an entrepreneur, like yer ownself, Mike…

    Best regards, Gramps sends to one and all…!

  3. Oooops. Forgot to let all know that I am back in Vegas, baby. And what could be more entreprenuerial than a poker player? Now if I could only get a t-shirt made that says, “I’m not homeless–I’m a poker player!”

  4. So JD…
    Did yah return LTB to Calleeforneeah in the olde Ford 150, before or after, yer recent visit with the family in Florida…
    I’m thinkin’ it might have been back in August..?

    I’m gonna betcha, the little, missus wasn’t one happy, camper…?
    Keep us apprised of yer adventures in La La Land…
    Season’s Greetings… to you and yours…

  5. Now if I could only get a t-shirt made that says, “I’m not homeless–I’m a poker player!”

    Her yah go JDeee…!
    We don’t quit…we’re bettin’ the Whole House…

  6. say “NO!” to excessive packaging! Especially on your wimmin.

    Not my wimmen. Mrs. Venomous needs all the packaging she can get…

    MRS. VENOMOUS (with cast iron skillet):&#160 KA-BONNNNNGGGGGG!!!!!

    …uh, ow.

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