Halle Berry v. Ursula Andress

Not a Celebrity Smackdown, just pure family fun:


Cast your vote in comments!


15 responses to “Halle Berry v. Ursula Andress

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  2. Ursula. Sexier accent.
    And I’m going to do some shameless plugging of my own.
    http://gregoryno6.wordpress.com/2010/12/08/when-it-comes-to-gina-elise-second-prize-is-better-than-no-prize-at-all/“>It’s not a message any red-blooded American male can afford to ignore.

  3. I’m an Ursula Andress man myself.


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  5. I’m draggin’ the The Sniper’sbag and ruck…!

  6. Ursula A-cup is still hotter than Berry!

  7. Ursula is hotter and she’s a C-cup for sure!

  8. Ursula has C-cups for sure alright and they’re real. Halle had a nose job and perhaps other work. She’s beautiful but she tries too hard to be sexy in her Bond flick….Ursula never had to.
    http://vintage-erotica-forum.com/t164-ursula-andress.html 28 pages of Ursula

  9. Ursula is beautiful and has a body that looks like she could be a bad ass Halle is beautiful but has a body looks like a beer fart would blow her over. I have to go with Ursula

  10. Ursula is built like a dude no hips, broad shoulders, although she has a pretty face. Halle is beautiful and sexy….

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