The Limits of Knowledge and the Limitless Use of Pictures of Beautiful Women

As today’s service to you, Gentle Reader, I will just point to some really useful things:

The RawnessThe Limitations of Knowledge Part I, Part II, Part III.  I’ve been reading “self help” and “self improvement” books for about 35 years, and have actually applied some of the information therein.  And I’ve had some success.  It took quite a bit of seasoning for me to realize what is so beautifully and concisely quoted here:

It is much harder to live the truth than to feel it or know it. Knowledge is easiest. The mind is more malleable than the emotions or the body, and so the mind is relatively swift to change. You can hear something and immediately know the truth of it. Then you can tell it to others. You can write about it. You can create a whole philosophy around it. And still not much changes in your life. You can know the truth – for instance, exercises improves cardiovascular fitness – and then still sit on your butt.


In other very important news, The Camp of the Saints features Tera Patrick.  Apparently, she is Not an Alien.

I didn’t have any idea who Ms. Patrick was before “reading” Bob’s post, but hey, that’s what the Internet is all about:  EDUCATION.

[by NeoVictorian]

2 responses to “The Limits of Knowledge and the Limitless Use of Pictures of Beautiful Women

  1. As Sinatra once said: That’s why we have education: life-long learning. Now leave the dame alone, Clyde’.

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