“Okay, so you knew Reagan”

Some blog posts are so perfect that all you can do is encourage your readers to hop on over and read the actual short post.  Here is one from “Legal Insurrection.”

I meant to slam the Joe ScarWhoreborough Palin hit-piece when it first came out.  He whiiiined about Palin responding to a dumbass question about whether her new reality show would hurt her presidential aspirations. She laughed and said something about Reagan playing in “Bed Time for Bonzo” not having disqualified him from being president.  Old Biddy Whoreborough took great umbrage and made it sound as though she was attacking Reagan.  Not true. She was just pointing out what an asinine premise it was–that a reality show or acting in a stupid movie would disqualify someone from being president.   Joe was just sitting around looking for an excuse to attack Sarah Palin, the better to get in good with all  his liberal (and GOP Establishment) buddies. Fuck you Joe.


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