John Doe went through screening at LAS (McClaron Airport)

It was a big non-event.  So I took off my tennis shoes, and walked through a metal detector (with my belt buckle still on).  Nothing happened, and I was waived on through, even though I was prepared to “opt out” of the full body scanning (if you had my junk, you wouldn’t want anybody a lookin either).  Took all of 20 seconds.  Methinks Drudge Report is making a mountain out of a molehill.  Perhaps it will be different flying back to Vegas out of RIC (Richmond International Airport): The Mrs. claims that they have the full body scanner.


2 responses to “John Doe went through screening at LAS (McClaron Airport)

  1. Confirming RIC has AIT units (millimeter wave) in the checkpoint portals of both concourses. In place since November 2008.

  2. Millimeter wave units, how appropriate given the self ascribed stature of JD’s junk. Of course is could be worse, Sheldon or Gramps could be the TSA agents assigned to grope…errr…pat down his junk.

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