Attorneys leaving Alaska evidence of Joe Millers’ inevitable demise?

That’s the conclusion of Ed Miller at Hot Air. That, and the fact that less lawyers are needed the fewer ballots there are to counted.  But I think that an important point is missed here.  Namely, who the hell needs so many lawyers in the first place. 

Sure, if I’m in a recount with a snake I want the best possible lawyer on my side.  Sure, that lawyer may need an assistant or two.  But in this world of cell phones, lap tops and blackberries, who needs dozens of lawyers?  I have no idea how many each side had on hand, but in my professional opinion, more than a couple was redundant and a serious waste of money, not to mention a serious over-charge by the lawyers if they claimed that they needed more of their associates on hand to help them. 

And what the hell is up with having to ship lawyers in from the lower 48? Don’t they have competent lawyers in Alaska? I understand that Alaska might not have the best election lawyers in the country. I already addressed that: bring in one or two of the best from down under, not a whole boatload of them.  Mere mortals sometimes over-rate lawyers, while simultaneously hating them, mistakenly thinking that lawyers are smarter than the rest of us.  

Couldn’t they have non-lawyer assistants doing the job of watching the counting of the ballots?  How smart do you have to be to look at a ballot and figure out whether or not Merkowski Merecowski Murkowsky is speeled kowreckdly? Answer: Not very. I’m sure that even Gramps could handle the job, and his fee would prolly be just the mere cost of some cheap Polish wodka 😉 .  Being a former lawyer, it is not that I am against lawyers, it’s that I know that lawyers have a hard time saying no when somebody throws money at them and asks them if they want to go on a road trip.  I don’t blame the lawyers. I blame the idiots who hired so many of them. 

John Doe

8 responses to “Attorneys leaving Alaska evidence of Joe Millers’ inevitable demise?

  1. For a former graduate of West Point, Yale Law [?] and a licensed barrister, it would appear that Sarah’s, Grizzly, Joe didn’t have any sense and if he did; it wasn’t any good sense atall…?

    ”… Joe Miller supposedly is a graduate of Yale Law School, as I am, and I never knew one stupid person at Yale Law, which makes me wonder if Mr. Miller really went there. A Yale Law grad would not have security guards who would for a moment consider “arresting” and handcuffing a member of the Alaska press, Tony Hopfinger, who had the audacity to ask questions about Miller’s past transgressions involving computer stuffing of a polling place in an unofficial GOP poll.

    Arresting journalists, at political pressers, that ask questions you don’t want to answer…probably don’t fit the hardy frontiersman image, most Alaskans are used too, either Ben?

    Grizzly Joe you also fergot the Cadets Honor Code …you sorry excuse for a West Point graduate…
    As an olde Sergeant, I wouldn’t follow you to a slit-trench latrine, if I had projectile, diarrhea…Grizzly Joe…

    Too bad, so sad, Joe boye and Sarahcuda, yer a loser, too… for supporting an individual with none and heaven help us, any common sense “atall”…!

    JD…I am available for… first class air fare, five star accommodations with in-room hot tub and a very modest $3600 per day [that’s really economical because, considering my experience in clandestine matters and the known fact that; olde soldiers never sleep].
    Plus a fifth of Grey Goose a liter of tonic water and two fresh limes…

    Cain’t beat that with a broken stick…JDeee!

  2. JD, that’s… per diem, my daily rate.
    Olde military term…

  3. Thanks, Phil, I added you as well. Sorry, though, we here at Smash Mouth are by and large to ignorant to click on links, so good luck getting much traffic from us. Well, at least I am… 😉

  4. “Being a former lawyer…”, isn’t that like being a former pedophile, hehehe.

  5. Is that all it takes, Cap? Hell, I added you to my blogroll a long time ago… (grin)

  6. yup. i was holding out hope that you would merge your illustrious blog wiff ours. but a link works almost as good..

  7. Thats called, john doe style, I really like his way for writing. Keep sharing up. Thanks in advance.

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