Replacing Michael Steele

Hell yes, I want him replaced as Chairman of the RNC.  At least so far as I care what those bastard Republicans do with their “national committee.” But as usual, those assholes are going about it all wrong.  They are mouthing off about it to The New York Fuc#ing Times.  

What they should have done is go to him privately, man to man, and try to convince him that his resigning would help the party.  Because it would.  Forcing his resignation will likely be used against Republicans, as it supposedly shows that they really are RAAAAACIST.  Getting rid of the first African-American [ooops, this is a hyphenated-American free zone] black man from the Chairmanship after only two years, just after the historic win enjoyed by the Republicans will likely be viewed by blacks as RAAAAACISM.  Not that Pubs should care what blacks think, at least not the 90% who support Obama.  But we [ooops, forgot I’m an independent Conservative, not a Pub] they should not piss off the 5-10% of blacks who vote Republican.

Sure, they went behind the scenes, to one of his “kitchen cabinet” advisers.  But go say it to his face.  And certainly don’t leak it to the NYFTs.

Now that it has leaked, kick his ass out as chairman.  I don’t care how you do it, just get him out.  And put this man in as his successor. 

That’s my two cents. 

John Doe

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