Because WE Can (Dedicated to VoR)

For a guy who talks so much about his “bestest daughter” you sure do post a lot of scandalous pictures of other guys’ daughters. Dirty prick.

Thus, the commentary of “VoR” (Voice of Reason?  Vassal of Ridiculousness?) on my entirely wholesome and, dare I say, intellectual post celebrating the awesomeness that is Danica McKellar.

As almost everybody knows, every girl is some Daddy’s daughter and eventually, they grow up to be big girls.  I have no problems or hang-ups about looking at adult women.  So this one’s for you VoR, because WE can!

Amanda Carrier - keep up the good work!

One response to “Because WE Can (Dedicated to VoR)

  1. Marty, when Jessica turns 21 she should celebrate by posing for the type of pictures you adorn your blog with to “get their attention.” maybe she’d even make it on here where 50-something year old men can stare at her.

    And yes, I know this wasn’t posted by “the Cap’n.”

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