Would you guys hate John Doe if he left his home, his job, and his family, and moved to Las Vegas?

Technically, I did not leave my wife. I’m hoping and praying that she joins me in Vegas.  And my bestest daughter ever.  But yes, I picked up without any warning and drove all the way to Vegas.  Took four days of hard-driving.  But here I am, no job, no future, no sanity.  And a big ole crooked grin on my 52 year old face! 

Gramps, thanks for the offer of the ticket home, but I aim to stay.  I’m attempting to live on less than $1,000 a month, and to earn my living as a professional gambler.  I don’t want any nay-sayers. You can’t talk me out of it.  You can just sit back and secretly think that I am making a huge mistake.  Here’s an article that expresses my sentiments exactly.  Don’t hate, brothers. Secretly plan how  you can pursue your dreams–before it is too late! 

Johnny Vegas

6 responses to “Would you guys hate John Doe if he left his home, his job, and his family, and moved to Las Vegas?

  1. Best of luck, JD (JV?). I am a long time former resident of Nevada, and back in the 80s I had two room mates who were professionals (I presume you’re talking poker, since that’s the only real game of skill except card-counting blackjack).

    Looking forward to hearing the stories…if you win one of the big tournaments someday we will expect you to fly all of the SMP contributors in for a party. 🙂

  2. I myself would mourn, Cap.

    Reason: You’d be supporting the economy of a half-assed state that just sent that pussy Dingy Harry Reid back to the US Senate.

  3. Having done a few crazy things in my own life – starting from scratch at age 30 on the far side of the Great South Land, for example – I can only wish you all the best Mr D.

  4. Thanks guys. Wait, Darth, I fully intend for this half-assed state to support me, not the other way around! Heck, just breaking even out here ain’t bad, cuz you can get about all the free food you want if you know where to look…

  5. Interesting. Glad you have so much time on your hands John Doe. Must be nice.

  6. “Free food”?! (ears perk up) 🙂

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