The Only Thing Gramps and I Agree On

Green Bay up 24-0 over Dallas at the half. The Pack is running on all cylinders while the Cowboys look like a lower division Pop Warner football team.

6 responses to “The Only Thing Gramps and I Agree On

  1. Lotta teams hitting on all cylinders against the Cowgirlz at the moment, Cap. It’s one reason why Coach Stay-Puf lost his job a couple days ago.

    And, depending on how long Jerrah Jones’ ego keeps getting in the way, why it may go on for a while. (sigh)

  2. I swear that I could do a better job than Phillips. That team has so much talent, he deserved to lose his job. My fear now is that the Boys will regain their mojo just when Detroit plays them…

  3. I shoulda signed the bottom…duh, since I wrote it. 😉 Go Pack!!


  4. Mike, you can edit your posts, can’t you? If not, let me know and I can fix it so you can.

    p.s. I miss LTB! 😦

    • Yeah, I know I can. Sometimes I get those damn infernal brain farts…ever had one…and forget I can edit my posts and comments.

      Soooo…when are we gonna see ya on the World Series of Poker? 😉


  5. Probably about the same time you see me replacing Tom Brady at QB.

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