Tequila Demon

Anybody else have this problem?  I go to bed at night with the tequila firmly shut within the freezer.  Nobody else is in my apartment. But when I wake up the next morning, there is less tequila than when I woke up the day before.  I find this phenomenon extremely strange. The only scientific explanation that I can find is that I have a Tequila Demon living in my flop house apartment who gets out every night after I am in bed to drink some of my nectar of the gods.  Has anybody else had this strange experience happen to them?


One response to “Tequila Demon

  1. I did a study on that one time, …don’t worry, no taxpayer dollars were harmed in this study. What the study entailed was;

    I put a half empty, or half full for you optimists out there, bottle of very good Tequila in the fridge. I also set up an infra-red camera trained on the fridge door. What I found out was…the Tequila Demon was non other than …..me in a fogged, drunken stupor opening the fridge door, grabbing the bottle and turning it up for a couple of swigs, after which I put it back and stumbled back to bed totally unaware of what I had done. ( Tequila makes you lose your memory, Dude.) I also conducted this study with Rumplemintz Schnaups and Wild Turkey 101 with the same results. Go figure.

    Keep in mind that since this was a non-funded study, all theories I came up with are left up to the reader to ascertain if they apply to them. I could definitely do a more in depth study with some semi-serious funding. 😉


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