Going to the Hilton to watch the Lions vs. Jets game

It is a lot more exciting to watch the game with many fans also watching. The Hilton has a big theatre type room with big screens so that you can watch all the games at once.   Sitting in a big room, drinking beer, cheering on the Lions, (I even put a hundred on the Lions to cover at -4 points), wow!  I even  have a chance to win prizes as the Hilton gives you a ticket (free) and draws numbers. I predict that the Lions are going to win the game out-right.  I’m drinking the Lions Kool Aide!  Life is good.  Drink it up!

John  Doe

11 responses to “Going to the Hilton to watch the Lions vs. Jets game

  1. JD… sounds like yer in a pretty good mood, so you must be at least 50/50…does that mean we ain’t gonna have to mail you moolah to fly home?
    I surly, hope so….!
    The best to your Lions…I’m thinkin’ the Pack got away with one last week.

    Oh…and just so as you stay on the “straight and narrow”…don’t do nothin’ I wouldn’t do…[at my advanced age]…

    Another ohh…and don’t believe that shit…“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!”

  2. JD…
    You dah honey…
    Lion’s in OT…

    Gramps sends all the very best…!

  3. OK…next week…!

  4. Hey I’m the eternal optimist…!
    Not so much on “the tables”…but the underground assets in Nevada…
    Gold and silver, JD…!

  5. FUCK~ at least the Lions covered, so I won my $100 bet.

  6. $100 ain’t gonna get yah no airplane ticket home…

    Need moolah…?

  7. Gramps, I got $400 hidden in my car. As a last resort. That is a little more than what it took to drive out here. But I’m glad you got my back.

  8. You dah man…!

  9. Seriously JD…yah gotta get back to the “east coast”…
    We’re countin’ on yer copasetic input…!

    Man. ain’t this some shit…
    You the hon, babe….!

  10. I’m sorry JD…
    I’m thinkin’ Mr. Rogers’s got yer Dallus Cowboys’s best ball’s ticklin’…!
    Gotta luv those sorry arse ,Packers…
    Whata a bunch of , lossers…!

  11. Wow! Nice article. I like it. 😉 “Going to the Hilton to watch the Lions vs. Jets game

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