“First Amendment be Damned” says MSNBC (via Thatmrgguy’s Blog)

Bill Kristol of The Weekly Standard and commentator on Fox News makes a good point and one well worth thinking about. Don't get me wrong. I'm definitely not a fan of Kieth Olbermann. In fact, I despise the very air he breaths. But, if us Conservatives are all for the Constitution and the rights it entails, then we have to give those rights to people we might not necessarily agree with also. Kristol is also right when he says that Olbermann is not … Read More

via Thatmrgguy's Blog

2 responses to ““First Amendment be Damned” says MSNBC (via Thatmrgguy’s Blog)

  1. Olbermann can rot in hell for all I care. He is a dirty, rotten, evil person, and I for one am glad he is gone. This isn’t about the First Amendment, it is about him violating a rule set forth by his employer. Is it a stupid rule? Hell, yes. Everybody knows MSNBC is firmly in the back pocket, or even inside the twisted panties, of the Democrat party. So him contributing to democrats was probably a career enhancement there. The REAL reason (I would wager good money) he was canned is his shitty show and the ratings numbers dropping because everybody is learning that he is batshit crazy.

  2. I feel the same way, but still…if he was fired because of the stupid rule, then he should have his stupid job back. I think your right about the ratings and such, but MSNBC was stupid for using the campaign donations as an excuse to let him go. If it was ratings, then they should have said so. Perhaps Olbermann wore his knee pads into the CEO’s office?


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