Danica McKellar, World’s Hottest Nerd Girl (?)

We welcome any further suggestions for “World’s Hottest Nerd Girl.”  Please be sure to provide pictures.

Danica McKellar was a co-star of the hit ABC series “The Wonder Years” (1988-93) and graduated summa cum laude from UCLA with a degree in mathematics.  She is the co-author of a mathematical theorem known as the ‘Chayes–McKellar–Winn theorem’.

Math is Sexy

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17 responses to “Danica McKellar, World’s Hottest Nerd Girl (?)

  1. Those numbers sure do add up.

  2. For a guy who talks so much about his “bestest daughter” you sure do post a lot of scandalous pictures of other guys’ daughters. Dirty prick.

  3. Hey scheisskopf, I am the one who posted these, not the Cap’n. You might note that the lady is 30 years old in the first pic, and 35 in the second.

    So, if you meant to call ME “dirty prick” that’s fine. Just get your dirty pricks straight, we’re not just interchangeable parts, ya moron.

  4. VoR, I’m getting the sense that you would prefer me to post pictures of other guys’ sons—preferably, very young sons. I know your type after only one of your idiotic posts. HOW DEW EYE DEW ITT?

  5. Yeah I realized that this post wasn’t put up by JD after I commented. Didn’t see a delete option readily available and I wasn’t inclined to spend the time searching for one. Just pretend I commented on “Is this heaven?” then.

    Nice red herring though – I tell you to not be a pervert, you accuse me of being a homosexual pedophile. Well played indeed, I can see that your debating skills have been honed to a razor edge.

  6. Hey, gents…
    I’m real kool with another Mensa…
    Take yer arguments outside…or I pull out dah effin’ bat…

  7. VoR…Hmmm…ever snuck a peek at a “dirty” magazine?…you’re leering at someone’s daughter. Ever do a double take when walking down the sidewalk because you saw a hot looking chick…you’re ogling someone’s daughter. Ever fantasize about some actress you saw on TV or in a movie…you’re having lecherous thoughts about someone’s daughter. Give me a break, Dude. God put women on this earth to be admired and looked at. Besides, whether you know it or not, women do the same to us guys.

    Mike who has three daughters and five granddaughters

    • You’re one prolific son-of -a -gun Mike…!
      Three beautiful daughters and five grand daughters…

      I’ve only got one and one…daughter and grand daughter…
      Plus a couple on the male side…

      I’ve noticed a difference between the gals and the guys, though…
      The gals aren’t quite aggressive as the boys…except my daughter…she was one helluva Class A, [aggressive] personality…

      I sure hope she survives all the “slings and arrows”…I never,ever, wanted her to emulate the olde man’s crazy lifestyle and attitude …

      All the very best to you and yours, Mike!

    • Sweetheart, not to be combative, because it’s nice if you respect women, but to get your daughters and grand-daughters, you had to do the dirty to SOMEONE’s daughter. I have a toddler girl so I totally understand not wanting to objectify a kid.

  8. This is OT but…SWMBO and I just watched one of the greatest movies I’ve ever seen…
    The Secret Life Of Bees…
    Had dah olde man cryin’…
    Yes he did…JD…!

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  10. Here’s the link…JD…!

    Gramps, sends all the very best…!

  11. VoR, I don’t know which universe you come from, but you come here and call me a “dirty prick” and then act surprised when I retaliate. Wise up, you ignoramous.

  12. Cap, if I didn’t know better, I’d say that Vo(T)R sounds a lot like that limp-wristed concern-troll we had here the other day…what was his her name again…?

  13. i just want to said that i have a grandoughter that look exactly like danica i will like to send her a picture but i dont know where

  14. send her a link to this post. block and paste the address from the explorer bar. you can also click on the picture and save it to your computer, then email it from there. if your grand daughter has no email, you can print the picture and mail it to her.

  15. She is so gorgeous, and I love that she’s pretty in less of a “typical” way than a lot of women in Hollywood now.

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