You gotta be Shittin’ Me! (via Thatmrgguy’s Blog)

The title speaks for itself.

Morons rule in California. State issued Debit cards for medical marijuana and psychics?  WTF???   From the AP   LOS ANGELES – Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneger says welfare recipients can no longer use state-issued debit cards at medical marijuana shops, psychics and other businesses whose services have been deemed "inconsistent with the intent" of the program. The Los Angeles Times reports that Schwarzenegger sent a letter to county welfare di … Read More

via Thatmrgguy's Blog

6 responses to “You gotta be Shittin’ Me! (via Thatmrgguy’s Blog)

  1. Morons out east too…

    Good news for Wall Street…Pennsylvania’s Senate elect, Pat Toomey, was at the forefront of the type of risky deals that have put American towns and school districts on the brink of fiscal ruin!

  2. If, IF, Gramps was an honest man, and not a partisan hack, he would be ragging onBill Clinton, too, since he signed into law that law that repealed the Glass-Stegal Act. OK, mebbe that is too harsh. I don’t question Gramps’ integrity. I just think he is a mind-numbed robot who doesn’t think for himself and only believes what thedailykos, huffpo, and motherjones, etc. tells him to believe.

    • JD…
      Repeal of Glass-Stegal was without a doubt the damn sorriest thing Bubba, ever did fer his arsehole buds on Wall Street…whilst fergettin’ the folks who brung his dang saggin’ country arse to the the big dance…!

      Gramps, was here then and I’m still here now JD…

  3. Forgive me, Gramps. I hope you know I love you, man. In a manly sort of way. I was a little tipsy….

  4. [Adopting my best “Gone With The Wind” imitation voice] “Ah ammm soooo OFFENDED, Sir! How DARE you of accuse me of spilling Mah beeeeer! I would NEVUH spill Mah beeeeer!”

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