Typical LibChick Shows Why LibChicks Should Not Have Political Power

She just Luvs Luvs Luvs President Obama.  Why?

I can pretend it’s all about policy, but in truth, it’s much more personal. Where his detractors dislike him because of, say, that Muslim vibe he gives off, I like him for similarly nebulous, albeit slightly more factual reasons. I like that he’s married to—and seemingly still quite taken with—a strong, opinionated, gorgeous woman, and that he has two ridiculously cute daughters. I like his mind-bendingly multicultural extended family. I like that in a campaign interview in Glamour magazine, he could fluently and unabashedly talk about Pap smears.

Great.  Now, being a Progressive/Lib/CommSymp or whatever else she is, she also likes Obama’s Socialist agenda, but note the “strong, opinionated” Michelle reference and the Pap smears.  G-d help us, her panties probably got wet for Bill Clinton too, because the freaky bastard cared so much and was so adept at faking his deep feelings for everyone’s pain.

There is such a focus here on the surface , on mouthing the right platitudes that this chick learned at the Secular Church of Pseudo-Christian Caring.  Nothing about liking someone because they will fight like hell to protect our right to Life, Liberty and Property.  Nothing about the history and traditions of the country and how the President fits in to that tradition and history.

This is the difference between LibChicks and their fantasy Princes, and the type of woman political leader that conservatives are putting froward in increasing numbers.  Do conservative guys like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann because they’re attractive?  Yes, but they like the substance more.  Do conservative women like their politicians, men and women, to be attractive and have nice families and to mouth the right platitudes?  Of course, but they demand a demonstrated commitment to real values, as well.

Electing or supporting a leader for their vibe is what gave the world a whole bunch of totalitarian strongmen.  All politicians, including ones we conservatives admire, need to be looked at with a healthy dose of skepticism and a good deal of ironic detachment.  LibChicks seem to be constitutionally incapable of this detachment.  To them, the personal is the political and that’s why they must not get into power.  Without the required mental compartmentalization, they’re liable to do almost anything to avoid the shattering of their pretty fantasy world.

(h/t Ace)


2 responses to “Typical LibChick Shows Why LibChicks Should Not Have Political Power

  1. (h/t Ace)

    Hey NV…gotta luv yer hat tip to the “effin”… AssHat…!

    That sorry, obscene, “mother cain’t stand the heat….!”

    SOB ain’t got the balls of a lizard…and lizards don’t have exposed testicles…
    I’d really like to kick some sorry, “moron arse” except that outstanding “hunk of keyboard, bloggin’, mankind” couldn’t stand, my sorry olde soldier’s heat over at …


  2. Honest ‘injun”, NV…

    AssHat banned my sorry olde “Native American’s” arse for, ever and ever…

    No feces…NV…
    He cain’t stand the “heat”…
    He likes to refer to himself and his reader’s as morons
    That’s the best part of his blog…!

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