Vote on the Perfect 10

Citizen Renegade (aka Roissy) has  a poll.  It’s fun to vote, or just look and consider.


I gave her a 10


Check out some of the other posts there as well.  America’s Future Soldiers are Unfit for Duty (not a criticism of our soldiers, by the way), contains a simple 14-point plan for saving America from Hell in handbasket.  I agree with most of them.

Much of the site is about “Game.”  If you don’t know what that means in context, peruse the archives and prepare to pierce the veil of our feminized society’s pretty, pretty lies.


3 responses to “Vote on the Perfect 10

  1. Funniest remark by any talking head this week…

    Rush Limbaugh…
    ”We are witnessing the chickafication of America…

    That from a guye with an arse two ax handles wide and a 46 inch waistline…
    Hey Rush, better a cute skinny chick than a sedentary lard ass…!

  2. You won’t see these PhotoShops in any fashion magazine…


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