is the GREATEST INVENTION IN THE MODERN WORLD! allows you to watch ANY or EVERY NFL game from the privacy of your computer.  For free! 

I lived in other states.  Many years I never got to watch the Lions (losers don’t play on Monday, or the Game of The Week).

Then I could watch them for a couple hundred bucks per year.   Not bad. But FREE is better.   All it takes is a couple of minutes to download something to allow it to work, then it is down hill all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!



  1. Aint it , though! And my wife likes it too, because she can watch Desperate Housewives and Dancing with the Stars. It’s a win-win for me.


  2. ADTHE.NET sold themselves out to large TV networks with tons of ads and blackout protection (for example the Texas – New York MLB game on friday night). It’s lost the reason for it’s existence. Don’t watch it or support it.

  3. god forbid you hav to see some adds when you’re watching professional sports for FREE. quit bitching

  4. gledati video

  5. The website rocks! What’s wrong with it? I use it to watch my beloved Arsenal FC. I agree with you its GREATEST INVENTION OF THE MODERN WORLD!

  6. too bad it is now been flagged as copyrite

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