Brett Favre, TOAST

It certainly is Brett Farve’s voice on the messages.  If it is also his pecker on the texted photos, I’d say that he is toast.  My guess is that it is.  And it won’t be hard to find out.   Professional athletes aren’t exactly modest in the locker room. 

Rough precedent for how long was set by the Commish regarding Ben Rothlisberger.  He allegedly screwed a college girl who was too intoxicated to give proper consent.  They couldn’t prove it because she did not cooperate, but they still suspended him for four games.  I’d say the four games was based on the fact that he was not charged, and he was not charged because they could not prove that he did anything wrong.  In Favre’s case, he will not have the excuse that he thought she was sober.

I’d guess that Mrs. Favre might be filing for d-i-v-o-r-c-e  soon, too.  Not a lock, because wives of professional athletes have to know that their husbands fool around, especially when they are playing ball in New York and home is in Louisiana.  Brett, you should have stayed retired.  Just my two cents. 

Moral of the story? Never leave messages or send pictures to anybody that you would not want the entire world to hear or see, because it just might.


p.s. Now, if he were a Democrat President of the United States, this would be no big deal…

22 responses to “Brett Favre, TOAST

  1. I started to wonder about Brett, when he started to diddle the Packer’s and the fans the first time…then he did it again and left for New York…

    Add insult to injury when he decided to join the Vikings… about that time in my book he was a jerk…took a long time acomin’…

    Now the olde geezer decides to send “limp, pecker pictures”…to some no name hawt chick…

    Ok, ok… he’s, reached total jerkbah… status, with me…!

  2. BTW: These emails and photos have been around for a long time…

    Is this some kinddah Packer “dirty trick…” now that Randy Moss will be rejoinin’ the Vikings…?

    I smell an ‘effin’ rat…!

  3. Is this some kinddah Packer “dirty trick…” now that Randy Moss will be rejoinin’ the Vikings…?

    Nope.&#160 News of this has been around since at leat August.&#160 Blogged about it here, in fact.

  4. With respect to the aforementioned Favre incident and while watchin’ the pregame show[s] this morning, it came to my attention that the on-field “reporters” are now mostly really “haut chics” with semi-exposed, great racks and what appear to be “painted-on jeans”…!

    I remember the days when ugly, fat former players or guyes with a lot of sports knowledge, conducted the interviews and provided backgrounders on the team and players on the field, before and during the games.

    I’m thinkin’ it might be easier to attract the attention of players [and coaches] for interviews with a “nice open rack” as opposed to 350 pounds of “has been” blubber that used to be 275 pounds of “hard muscle”, at playin’ weight…?

    I’m not complainin’, mind you…!
    I’m just sayin’ and wonder if anyone else has come to the same perception…?

  5. *least

    Oh, and sorry about the rogue HTML. Composed the reply in a special text-editor that I only use for blogging. My bad.

  6. Venomous…never mind, *no one noticed. Good intel is good intel.

    Thanks fer the link!

  7. Darth, yes, there was the rumor out back then, I noticed it too. But the messages and the pictures of his pecker just came out this week. Before it was a rumor, now it is much more.

    I saw some post that speculated that they league will take 4-6 weeks to look into it, then Favre can appeal, and drag it out into the off-season, then just retire. Not sure I buy that. How hard would it be to have him pull down his pants and check?

  8. Beejeebus..Lee just fumbled fer the Pack…

  9. Damn…they just hauled Findely off the field on a cart…

    Defense is stepin’ up…
    Oh shit now Pickett is down…!

  10. That’s seven defensive players “out of the game” fer the Pack…!
    Plus Findley, their premier tight end…!

    Watta a break…
    They gotta punt…!

  11. McNabb, just gave the Pack an early Xmas present…!

  12. Jackson breaks one fer career 71 yard run,,,

  13. Pack is in the “red zone @ the 5…!


  15. the PACK is #2 in the RED ZONE…withah 70% completion rate…


  16. Talk about “turnin’ shinola into sugar”…
    That was great …but the Packer defense has been decimated…!

  17. Lions in a dog fight, 3-3. Ooops. While typing, Stefan Logan returned kickoff 105 yards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  18. Man-o-man the PACK got outta the first half… with a 7 point lead…they were lucky…!

    There’s one man I want on my patrol…
    He’s a beastly fast trooper and tackle sure…
    Mr. Mathews…you dah “diggin’ dog”…

  19. JD…I caint get the Lion’s game…what’s happen’…?

  20. try again. I got it on right now.

  21. Well dah ”gunslinger” did it again last night against the Jets…Favre was brilliant during the third quarter after a lackluster performance in the first half.

    Like so many times when he pulled out his worst shot with the Packers…he threw the game losing interception for the Vikings in the fourth quarter, last night.

    As far as I’m concerned as an olde Packer’s fan it was ”sweet poetic justice”…!

  22. Unlike Brett…these two gurrls seem a little bit more than confused, when it comes down to… “saddling a pony” or spanking a monkey…?

    Oh yes… and someone’s gonna be 1 and 4 today.
    Who will it be…the Vi-queens or Cow-gurrls…?

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