Tom “One Term” Perriello is using conservative blog sites as his whores

I am getting so pissed off at various “conservative” blog sites showing the Tom Perriello ads.  This rant has been brewing for weeks, but was recently set-off by seeing that bastards ugly face on The Other McCain of all places. 

 For the love of God, men, tear down that ad.  Sure, I’m glad you get money for advertising, but have you no shame? If you need money that badly, I’ll donate whatever it is that “One Term” is paying you, hell, you can even put up a “John Doe for Congress” in place of his ad. 

We are in the battle for our lives, for our country, and for our way of life. And conservative bloggers are whoring out their space to a communist freak.  The battle for that seat is very close, so this is not academic.  Regular adorers readers of  The Other McCain know full well that Stacy and Smitty do not support that worthless bastard Perriello.  But not all of those who frequent the site know them like I (in an internet sort of way) know them.  Some might even mistake the damnable ad with an endorsement by those two gents.  No shit.  Why do you think Perriello’s people placed the ad there? For the heck of it? I’m not just picking on The Other McCain.

Hell, I’ve seen his ads all over the place on conservative blogs.  TheClassicLiberal I think has had them.  WashingtonReb has one up right now.  I believe I’ve even seen them on Hot Air and/or Right Wing News.  My point is not to accurately call out each and every conservative blog site that is doing it, but rather just that many prominent great sites are.   

And don’t even TRY to give me that bull shit rationale that you believe in free speech and free enterprise or any other such bull shit. So do whores.  The difference between us and whores is that we have morals, and we act on principles.  If One Term and his ilk have their way you won’t have free speech or free enterprise.  God. Damn. It!   Take down those ads!

And I say this in the most respectful tone possible, as I love you guys.

John Doe

p.s. go below the link for the only Perriello ad that I would ever publish

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