The REAL Obama/Reid/Pelosi Program

Has the last two years really been a “miserable failure”?

So the Democrats will probably lose control of the House.  Great.  See the nine points below.  The first five were done by 1935.  The next four just got finished this summer (if you really want to get heavy into it see Unqualified Reservations).

So maybe we’re going to elect 30-40 Tea Party candidates to the Congress.  I love it, but they, and we, have a little bit of a job ahead, cleansing 80 years of Aristotelian “revolution in the State.”

Better pack a fucking lunch.

Garet Garrett, 1938:

Now given — (1) the opportunity, (2) a country whose fabulous wealth was in the modern forms — dynamic, functional, non-portable, (3) a people so politically naive as to have passed a law against any attempt to overthrow their government by force — and, (4) the intention to bring about what Aristotle called a revolution in the state, within the frame of existing law — Then from the point of view of scientific revolutionary technic what would the problems be?

They set themselves down in sequence as follows:

The first, naturally, would be to capture the seat of government.

The second would be to seize economic power.

The third would be to mobilize by propaganda the forces of hatred.

The fourth would he to reconcile and then attach to the revolution the two great classes whose adherence is indispensable but whose interests are economically antagonistic, namely, the industrial wage earners and the farmers, called in Europe workers and peasants.

The fifth would be what to do with business — whether to liquidate or shackle it.

(These five would have a certain imperative order in time and require immediate decisions because they belong to the program of conquest. That would not be the end. What would then ensue? A program of consolidation. Under that head the problems continue.)

The sixth, in Burckhardt’s devastating phrase, would be “the domestication of individuality” — by any means that would make the individual more dependent upon government.

The seventh would be the systematic reduction of all forms of rival authority.

The eighth would be to sustain popular faith in an unlimited public debt, for if that faith should break the government would be unable to borrow, if it could not borrow it could not spend, and the revolution must be able to borrow and spend the wealth of the rich or else it will be bankrupt.

The ninth would be to make the government itself the great capitalist and enterpriser, so that the ultimate power in initiative would pass from the hands of private enterprise to the all-powerful state.


One response to “The REAL Obama/Reid/Pelosi Program

  1. Scary shit. Thanks for ruining my lunch. 😉

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