Linda McMahon v. Dick Blumenthal

Omigosh, if a conservative woman had done as poorly as Blumenthal did the liberal crazyosphere would be having a field day.  “How DO you create a job?” 

Government…government…government…blah blah blah!

I love this woman so far.  Why isn’t she getting more love from we conservatives?

Polls are all over the place.  Quinnipiac has Dick up 49-46.  Fox had him at 52-42.   

John Doe

p.s.  This guy looks as gay as a three dollar bill.  My gaydar detector is going bonkers.

8 responses to “Linda McMahon v. Dick Blumenthal

  1. Question is…why are all the multi-millionaire GOP, babes gettin’ soundly, spanked…

    McMahon in Connecticut, and Fiorina and Whitman in, Calleeforneeah…
    Must have something to do with all those male chauvinist pigs out there; or perhaps a combination chauvinists and feminists…!

  2. I believe it is more about getting a critical mass of ignorant liberals in a particular state or district. You can run a good candidate, but you can’t force ignorant people to vote for her.

    Here’s the formula for you math geeks: I.L2 x (-I.Q. + pr) = P

    [Ignorant liberals squared times negative intelligence quotient + political propaganda = Pelosi (shorthand for a safe district for progressive pols).]

  3. Okkkay…JD…!
    I never actually, realized, yer “strong suit” was in math…!

  4. What the heck is goin’ on here…
    Last week the GOP was up by 14 points, on the generic ballot vs the Dems…?

    Most they get this week is about six points…
    That’s still a huge lead, since at this same time in 1964, Newt with his “Contract on America” was only up by three.

    Perhaps “The Pledge To”, is gettin’ more traction than “The Contract On”, did…?

    In any case I don’t like the direction the “big mo” is takin’…just four weeks out…
    Do yah think the GOP peaked too soon…?

  5. After nearly two years of literally ”doing nothing”, the GOP was flyin’ high. Then just last month they advanced ”The Pledge”and now Rep. Ryan plans to modify his year olde, “Road Map for America” and the bottom has started to fall out…

    What the heck possessed them?
    Now both the Pledge and the Plan have become targets of opportunity. Republicans now must defend those documents. GOP candidates now have the unappetizing chore of defending any number of things. And, in politics, if you are defending, you are losing.

    Since the anti-incumbent wave seems so massive. It may not matter. However; the decision to even give Democratic candidates a chance to change the subject has to be considered a risk that out-weighs any potential benefit.

    Ain’t it a shame…once even a Republican politician begins to move his or her lips, real bad things may unexpectedly be, conjured up..!

  6. Gramps, you and I agree about one thing. One of the worst things about Republicans is their politicians. I ain’t married to any of them. If they screw up and back slide to what they used to be back in GWB’s terms, I’ll join you in throwing them out. About the only thing worse than a Republican pol is a Democrat pol.

  7. Gaydar and liberaladar are set off by many of the same characteristics. Good catch.

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