Enthusiasm Gap

From our good friends at Washington Rebel:

When a Free Lunch Just Ain’t Enough.

Thousands” of collectivists rallied in DC in vociferous support of whatever…wait, I bet they were against “hate.”  Do we need to read the story to know that?  But Big Labor goon, er, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said it best:

AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka urged participants, including his union’s members, to band together.

“There is nothing, and I mean nothing, we can’t do when we stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder,” Trumka said. “We will stand together. And we will win together. And we won’t let anyone — and I mean anyone — stand in our way.”

Looks like there weren’t a hell of a lot of shoulders to stand next to, Richie.  And me and about 50 million friends are standing in your way.  Better offer the collectivists $50 to show up next time, ’cause TANSTAAFL.

ADDED:  I almost forgot to point out this blast from Virgil Caine, also at Washington Rebel.  Pathetic:

These aren’t Americans. They are hollow caricatures of men. How glorious not to be amongst them. Heads held low, grubby little hands out, shoulders rounded…..pitiful little creatures.

Nothing to add.


6 responses to “Enthusiasm Gap

  1. Thanks for the links. That’s some quote ol’ Virgil quipped.


  3. Hey, you guys. Sorry I missed this. TL tried to tell me about it. Let me get you on the Blogroll.

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  5. That would be a great honor! I will ask The Man here, John Doe, to do the same for the Rebel.

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