An interesting question or two

American and Proud points to a story that raises two key questions.

 The tea party is racist because we don’t like the Obama-Pelosi-Reid triad of DOOM…But black folks 91% are voting for Obama. Who’s the racist again?

Ominous new Gallup findings for Democrats: Blacks still love Obama, others not so much

The good news for President Obama is his popular support among blacks is holding steady at 91%.

The bad news is no other group of potential voters likes him that much.

In fact, 29 days before his first midterm elections, the Democrat’s approval ratings remain mired below 50%.

The first question is why the media plays their typical double standard Card on this. I think we all are, by now, painfully aware that the media WANTS racism to be a bigger issue than it is, but only CERTAIN racism. The media likes to pretend that America is still in the 1950’s racially, and they have a long history of spinning and yes, FABRICATING, news to try to make us all buy into their fantasy.

The second question is why do so many Blacks so fiercely identify themselves by their skin color? Well, sadly, that mentality has been drilled into their heads for decades now. Democrats, and groups, like the NAACP, that NEED Blacks to identify themselves as ONLY racial group have done a grave disservice to Black Americans by convincing them that EVERYTHING about them centers on their skin color.

Blacks are told that their color determines how they should vote, how they should stand on political issues, and how they should view America. Blacks have been conditioned to feel ashamed if they dare question the Liberal ideology. Those that do dare step off the Plantation of Liberal Ideology are ostracized as Uncle Toms, House Niggers, Oreos, or are told they are not really Black, or that they are traitors to their race. How shameful and despicable that Liberals love power more than morals and will do and say anything to keep Blacks locked into voting Democrat.

2 responses to “An interesting question or two

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  2. Isn’t it RAAAAACIST to even axe the question of whether blacks are racist? Pretty sure it is, page 43, third paragraph, first sentence of the Official Liberal Playbook. Gramps prolly has the book memorized…

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