6 reasons for not blogging more

I’m convinced that the greatest destroyer of conservative blogs is a combination of some or all of the following. See if you agree, and if  you can add some more reasons. 

1. I’m too busy.  We all can relate. ’nuff said. That’s why I’ve tried to get a multitude of writers here. One can’t do it alone. Even several can’t, unless you do this full-time and have a prolific side-kick like Smitty

2. It’s already been done.  This is a big one for me. There are many articles that are important, interesting and timely.  But they’ve already been done.  So I just assume that our readers here read the same sites that I read and I don’t mention the articles. Or even link to them.  How hard is it to just throw down a sentence or two and try to get readers here to go read a really great post that just happened to be written by some other blogger?  Here’s a great example.  This is a pet peeve of mine. I’ve often said a vote for that “Blue Dog” Democrat is a vote for Pelosi and Reid and Obama.  And this post just proves it

3.  The topic is not important enough.  Hey, every damn post must be an important, life altering, behavior changing, epic post or it isn’t worth posting, right?  Ha.  I can’t tell you how often I’ve spent hours on a blog post and nobody cared.  Or how often I’ve thrown out a post in mere minutes, in my usual half-assed manner, and it has gotten (what I thought was) an inordinate amount of interest.  You. Just. Never. Know.  Write it down and post it. 

4.  Nobody will read it.  This is a huge de-motivator for me.  They just come here for the Rule 5 pictures.  We are like Playboy, but nobody has to pretend that they are here for the articles.  [A little gratuitous hot babe picture, while we are on the topic…] Write it down any way.

5. Some liberal, somewhere, might get offended.  Oh, for Christ’s sake, grow a pair. Sure, you might not be able to run for political office if you say that. But so what? You weren’t running anyway. (Liar, you were not.)  Just say it. Chances are that millions out there agree with you. We conservatives are in the majority–it’s those candy-assed liberals who are so vocal that only make us think that nobody else agrees with us.  Say it! You can always apologize later.

6.  Lack of discipline.  Go to Linkiest and study how John Hawkins does it. Every day, rain or shine, come hell or high water, John has new links up for his readers.  (Except for week ends, and I’ve already bitched about that elsewhere.)  If he has to go on vacation, he gets a bud to fill in for him.  Readers have come to expect such Excellence, and they are rewarding him with ever-increasing blog stats.  Ditto Doug Ross at Director Blue and Daley Gator. Just “get ‘er done,” then you can go on to your real life. Your readers depend on you.

7. I’m embarrassed that my stuff isn’t as good as Bob Belvedere’s, or as thoughtful as Citizen Tom’s or The Classic Liberal’s,  I’m no Ace of Spades or Allahpundit, etc., blah blah blah.  Write it anyway, we’ll decide what is and isn’t worth reading.  You never know. If you self-censor yourself, you could be depriving us of some really important idea. 

John Doe

21 responses to “6 reasons for not blogging more

  1. Spot-on, even the part about how good ‘my stuff’ is [although it means more coming from a gal who is not talking about my blog, IYKWIMAITYD].

    Just get out there and post it. The only things to watch out for are (1) make sure you’ve got the known facts straight and (2) don’t libel anyone. When you make a mistake, acknowledge it ASAP.


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  3. No. 3 is really a funny thing and a great point. Since I started blogging here at John Doe’s kind invitation, several posts I thought were hot stuff drew zero comments (some people may have liked but they didn’t say anything), while other frothy fare has prompted some spirited bask-and-forth. I don’t pretend to understand; as you say, just post it and see! It’s liking asking girls out, do it a lot and you’ll get “lucky.”

  4. I think No. 2 is where I’m at with it. It’s already been done and the other guy said it better than I could so why bother.


  5. Ok, Mike, then link to the other guy’s post so the rest of us will see it too. 😉

  6. I do… I do, but feel kinda like I’m “stealing” in a way. Weird, huh?


  7. I can’t tell you how often I’ve spent hours on a blog post and nobody cared. Or how often I’ve thrown out a post in mere minutes, in my usual half-assed manner, and it has gotten (what I thought was) an inordinate amount of interest.

    So true! Some of my best work has gone virtually unnoticed. I throw up some “filler” and the traffic sky rockets!

    as thoughtful as Citizen Tom’s or The Classic Liberal’s

    Thanks for the kind words, especially because I know …

    Some liberal, somewhere, might get offended

    I offend everyone! 😯

  8. Hey ladies and gents…mon apologies fer the hiatus…

    I’ve been “up country” with the “yewpers” in Marinette County, WI. shootin’ number two’s and three’s and one, number five rapids on the Peshtigo River…!

    OK, OK… I didn’t shoot no… # 5’s…dah geezer knows his limitations…

    Has everything gone to “hell in a hand basket” here, since I got my sorry, bony, arse wet, this weekend…

    Just askin…?

  9. All is well. And I am envious of your trip. Took me awhile. At first I thought you were duck and goose hunting, shooting with No. 1s, 2s and 5s (pellet size).

    Shot Size Pellet Diam Pellet Diam Number Of
    AM/STD (Inches) (Millimeter) Pellets/Oz

    1 0.1600 4.0640 90
    2 0.1480 3.7592 103
    4 0.1290 3.2766 135
    5 0.1200 3.0480 170

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  11. One, two, four & six for me. Primarily one & six – no time & no discipline.

    But I did just do a football post with slight wisps of Rule 5™-itude (Ines Sainz, of course). No one read that, either.

    Hey ladies and gents…mon apologies fer the hiatus…

    So that’s what that peace & quiet was…

    • Hey DV…

      We did take some time off on Sunday… for some real R&R in Door County, WI at the Edgewater Resort!

      This hostelry is class A+…in room hot tub, double sided, fireplace in both bed and living area. Full kitchen, [just like at home] utensils, cutlery, glassware, wet bar and a balcony overlooking Lake Michigan’s Green Bay at sunset…

      They also sport an outdoor pool, well equipped exercise room and a beautiful, cedar lined sauna…
      It doesn’t get any better than that…believe me…!

      If yer ever fortunate enough to visit Door County, WI., absolutely, positively do not miss, AL Johnson Swedish Restaurant…

      Gramps sends all the very best…!

      • Wow. When I was a kid my dad played in the local holiday symphony up in Door County. I remember that flippin restaurant, but it’s been about 30 years since I’ve been. Goats on the roof? We’d stay in a cottage in Fish Creek. I remember some pebble beach with really really really cold water. Thumb Fun, or some such amusement park. A gigantic outdoor fish boil, which I always hated.

        thanks for the blast from the past.

  12. Just write it! I like it. Good points all, JD.

  13. Never mind…I get it…already…

    We gotta a Republican, “Timmy Geithner”, runnin’ for the Senate in Delaware…

  14. Oops…!

  15. 1 and 2 for me: too busy, and I don’t want to be just part of an echo chamber. I want to add a little value, a little extra viewpoint from my own experiences. If I can’t, then I usually don’t post. Also, I am a little OCD about my writing; I like to tweak it until it is . . . just . . . right.

    I’m not embarrassed by my lack of quality or quantity. Shoot, it’s just a hobby. Ain’t nobody payin’ me to write . . .

    cheers and happy blogging to you all


  16. We did take some time off on Sunday… for some real R&R in Door County, WI at the Edgewater Resort!

    Hmm. Hardwood floors in the rooms…nice tub…rooms are a little bright for my taste, could go for a darker theme, mayhap a brick/rock facade along the fireplace wall and maybe a 14-point buck’s head hanging from the wall…yeah, that’s the ticket…

    If yer ever fortunate enough to visit Door County, WI., absolutely, positively do not miss, AL Johnson Swedish Restaurant

    Meatball sammich, yum.

    • From the icy, raging waters of the Peshtigo; to the warm, throbbing embrace of a hot tub at the Edgewater…such is the diversity of life and living to be enjoyed and experienced in northern Wisconsin.

      “Just our way…!”

      “Swedish” meatball sammich, there’s a delightful and distinct difference…Try it, you’ll like it…!

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