The Insurgency

Michael J. Lotus (aka Lexington Green over at Chicago Boyz) writes on The Insurgency, “a description of the current crisis in American life.”  Places the Tea Party in a historical context with other big American political movements.  Great stuff!

It reminded me of something I read awhile back by some whiny liberal bitch about how the Tea Party was like the Jacksonian Democrats, who “helped keep slavery in place for another 30 years.”  In other words,  “they’re all raaaaacists!”

I wish I could find that one to link but I think it was in a dead tree newspaper I found at the airport.  Not only did it betray a fundamental misunderstanding of the Tea Party, it betrayed a fundamental misreading of history.

There are a couple of points in common between the Tea Partiers and the Jacksonians.  First, both were tired of the government being controlled by and run for the benefit of rich (coastal) elites that live along the Washington-Boston axis and went to the “right” schools.

Second, both Andy Jackson and the Tea Partiers will only take so much bullshit before they will, literally or figuratively, kick your ass.


4 responses to “The Insurgency

  1. NV wrote:

    Second, both Andy Jackson and the Tea Partiers will only take so much bullshit before they will, literally or figuratively, kick your ass.

    Talkin’ about BS… check the educational claims in this resume…

    LinkedIn,took their version down, makes one wonder why…?

  2. Hmmmm. Somebody with questionable resume enhancement who will cut taxes, or a socialist who never met a tax increase he didn’t love. This could be a tough decision. For an ignoramus.

  3. ”…Somebody with [who personally submitted a…] questionable resume enhancement, [and] who….”

    is a little flakey Jake or even a certifiable, crazy Christine…!

    Hell, what could possibly go wrong… if she actually got elected to the Senate… and actually wanted to “dabble again” or just submit some arcane, crazy, knowingly disceptional, legislative bill or vote for “total unmarried, celibacy…or it’s jail time for you dude…!”

    Just imagine where that could lead… even EL Rushbo could find himself in the “Graybar Hotel” with some “ room service” he actually, might not enjoy…!

    “Crazy Christine” would be around for the next six long years…She could try to pull a whole lotta, “really, ditsy, shit”…”May the saints preserve us”…!

    I’m fer my tried and true socialist, every time…at least we know where he’s comin’ from…!

  4. Aye…Frankie has dah last word, yo…

    ”The very useful idiocy of Christine O’Donnell”

    ”…For embattled liberals, not to mention the axis of Comedy Central, “Saturday Night Live” and Bill Maher, she’s been pure comic gold for weeks: a bottomless trove of baldfaced lies, radical views and sheer wackiness. True, other American politicians have dismissed evolution as a myth. Some may even have denied joining a coven. But history will always remember her for taking a fearless stand against masturbation, the one national pastime with more fans than baseball.”


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