Would you rather see Obama eating watermelons and chitlins or Halal Food?

because we can 🙂


Would you rather see Palin in the White House or Playboy?  

“I’d rather see her in the White House,” Ochocinco said. “I really don’t want to see her in Playboy.” 

TO added: “There’s nothing really about Sarah Palin that is Playboy-ish.” 

“She’s cute though,” Ochocinco interjected. “With those little glasses, she looks good.” 

When asked whether Palin could do more damage in Playboy than the White House, TO offered this: “Nah, I think she could do more damage in the White House than she can in Playboy.” 

This is just more of the liberals putting Sarah Palin down based on her sex.  It’s pure harassment designed to sexualize her and minimize her as a candidate, as a spokesperson and as a person. 

How about axing T.O. and Ocho some of these questions?  “Do you think the Obama girls look more like nappy-headed hos or po white trash?  Do you think B. Hussein Obama was more dangerous to America as a community organizer or as president?  Does Barrack The Wonder Boy remind you more of a crack selling thug or a Chicago gangster?”  Or even this: “Would you rather see Michelle Obama’s naked junk in Hustler or have her traveling to Spain for extravagant vacations?” 

All regulars here know me. I’m as politically incorrect as the next guy.  Just asking such questions does not bother me.  It’s the hypocrisy  of the left (and blacks) and the double-standard about what is and what isn’t acceptable speech, depending upon the topic and the speaker.  

Rant over.  Just reason 9,451,039 to say “F#ck all you liberal and progressive faggots out there.  Nothing to see here. Move along. 

John Doe

12 responses to “Would you rather see Obama eating watermelons and chitlins or Halal Food?

  1. Dammit, you wrote “Michelle Obama’s naked junk in Hustler” and I had this millisecond flash before my eyes…that’s something I can’t unsee. Can’t unsee, unsee…

  2. It’s okay now–I spent five minutes looking at the girl in the bikini and I’m feeling much better. She really is one of the best-looking girls I’ve ever seen, even in these days when you can google a hundred in .0128 seconds.

    Any idea who she is?

  3. Look at the “because we can” girl. Eye wash. Rinse. Repeat as often as necessary. Then drink copious amounts of alcohol–it works for me! Not sure what Bill does.

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  5. Horrid implants. She’d probably be perfect without them.

    • I’m with yah there annie…

      A Frenchman in Vietnam, once told me…”Anything more than a handful and a mouthful is wasted…”

      Was he right…?

      • Quoi que ce soit plus qu’une poignée et un “mouthful” est “wasted…”
        Frenchy’s just don’t get our slanguage…!

  6. Hey gurls and guyes…
    JD’s been gone for 36 hours…is he on vacation or “up country”…?
    Gramps sends…?

  7. Danger, folks…

    First we lose LTB and now JD is among the disappeared…
    LTB, have you got any suggestions…?

    Gramps sends…

  8. MTG…huh…?

  9. MTG…?
    Are you still there, MTG…?

    and now…
    Oh Momma..is this gonna be BAD…?

    Say it ain’t so Momma…!

  10. I’m still here you old codger. I aint even working today…got rained out.

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